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Ideas to Adopt for An Eco-Friendly Wedding

by Editor (editor), , November 28, 2018

Here are few ideas to adopt for an eco-friendly wedding:

Are you looking for some eco-friendly ways for your wedding? We all know, our environment is deteriorating every single day. So why not adopt some eco-friendly manners that can help in preserving the environment as well as look enchanting and spectacular as well. Don’t know where to start from, here are few ideas to adopt for an eco-friendly wedding:

Start with the venue

People tend to look for artificial plants that could ascend the whole aesthetics of any place. Why don’t you actually can use someplace with natural “nature’s touch”. Instead of booking long and luxurious banquet halls, why don’t you book one luscious garden for it? This way you can save money on lightning as the daylight will enlighten the entire place. Also, you can tie the knot with the beautiful sunset at that the back. These plants make everyone happy and for embarking this new journey, there is no better place. If you are doing it inside, check whether the venue uses sustainable ways for lightning. Also, check their ways of how they utilize the extra food. Throwing it outside is just not environmental friendly. It makes the surroundings dirty. So book the venue and the vendors who incorporate everything in an eco-friendly manner.

Gogreen with the invites

What’s a better way to “go green” other than your wedding invites? Wedding invitations form up the first impression of your “d-day” in front of guests. If you are choosing eco-friendly invite or eco-friendly manner to formulate one and send it, your wedding cards will surely be the talk of the town.

An eco-friendly invite is made up of recycled paper. It ensures that no tree is cut down for yet another paper wedding invite. It ensures the papers which are already used are recycled in order to be used back for Indian wedding cards. Not only it is one eco-friendly way to adopt in weddings, but the cards look quite alluring too. The rustic look defines the aesthetics well. Also, ask your designer for Indian wedding invitations cards to use biodegradable inks like soy ink or vegetable ink.

The best alternative is e-Indian wedding cards. You can design the card online and send the same to all your guests. Digital wedding cards are eco-friendly and are cost effective too.


There are some other ways like rather than purchasing new decor, you can ask your decorators to use the “treasured ones” from the past. This will create the vintage look for your wedding. Try to cut on flowers for your decor and use some other eco-friendly alternative. Your eco-friendly charms will surely entice everyone and are equally alluring.

Next, you can think is to use the food which is left after the wedding feast. Instead of just throwing it, you can use the non-perishable items. For the rest, you can contact some local NGOs that can help you in using this food. You can donate it as well to the poor and less privileged people.

These ways not only helps in preserving the environment but also makes it more memorable and special in its own ways.

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