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Top 10 ICO, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Explainer Videos

by Editor (editor), , October 12, 2018

There are numerous brilliant videos that will give you a fair idea about the whole thing through easy-to-understand audio-visuals.

Considering the last few years, decentralised currency and its associated transactions have been the talk of the globe. With Takashi Nakamoto initiating the journey with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others following suit, cryptocurrency today is presuming global commercial acceptance.

This phenomenon has created an unlikely divide - one group of people who are savvy in the use of cryptocurrencies and the other group which is entirely at sea about it. The division is understandable; after all, not everyone shares the same interests. Having said that, it is essential to have at least a rudimentary idea about cryptocurrencies because the way it is progressing, it wouldn’t be surprising if they become the standard mode of transaction shortly.

Motion graphics or video explainers are a great place to start for those who are not familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency. There are numerous brilliant videos that will give you a fair idea about the whole thing through easy-to-understand audio-visuals.

So, let’s have a look at a few of them.

1. Airswap

Designed and animated by Kasra Design, This video explains how “Airswap” aims to provide a cryptocurrency trading platform to its users. Not only does a user gains the ability to establish multiple trading contacts, but they also receive favourable & profitable quotes from Airswap.

2. Cryptocurrency slang for beginners

This video explains the general nomenclature running in this crypto world. Terms such as weak hands, altcoins, pump and dump and similar others are explained using an audio-video combination.

It provides a layman’s guide to beginners looking to explore the complex terminologies of cryptocurrency.

3. Bitcoin: the year ahead

A recent video by Bloomberg explains the sudden and consistent price surge of Bitcoin, its consequences, and also its dependability. While firms such as Goldman Sachs and others are investing in crypto, the CEO of JP Morgan called Bitcoin a bubble currency and a fraudulent approach.

This video provides a deeper insight into the dos and don’ts associated with Bitcoin trades and also a few favourable trading approaches.

4. GoldX - Animated Live Action Explainer Video

This mixed media video explains the risks associated with traditional cryptocurrency practices and establishes the need to back them up with physical assets- gold, in this case. This footage is lucidly presented by the founder of GoldX himself and gives a clear insight into the advantages of having physical assets backing up cryptocurrencies.

5. DealBox - Cryptocurrency & Tokens Explainer Video

Many people are wary of the security aspect of cryptocurrencies and rightly so. Data shows that one in every ten cryptocurrency transaction is vulnerable to hacking. This video gives an alternative to traditional, unchecked cryptocurrency practices- DealBox. It’s an ecosystem of cryptocurrency trading that has been vetted by industry experts. The video elucidates the various advantages it has over the standard practices.

6. Blockchain Explainer Video: AIP

The dynamics of the music industry have changed with the advent of internet as a sharing platform. It stands to reason that the model of royalty collection by artists will also change. This video focuses on that.

A new venture, AIP has created a platform for musicians and music lovers to benefit mutually with the help of cryptocurrencies. The video touches on AIP as a platform and how both the artist and the listener can benefit from it.

7. Moneyfarm

In a clear and unequivocal narration, this video discusses Moneyfarm as a digital wealth manager and enlists why this new venture is better than the other confusing and volatile investment options.

8. Ripple - The Future of Money

The concept of processing money has remained somewhat constant despite a paradigm shift in almost everything else. Through this video, a new order is proposed for transaction on money; one which eliminates intermediaries and makes a transaction smoother and cost-effective.

9. Blockchain for the agriculture sector

Blockchain has already revolutionised many sectors and is set to do the same for multiple others. This animated video explains applications of a blockchain structure in agricultural supplies space.

10. Blockchain

This video gives an insight into how ‘Dubai Real-estate Blockchain’ is changing the way people perceive paperwork by making all those paperwork related to real-estate digital.

The above videos are a healthy way to start your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies. After all, they are the future of money!

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