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4 Ways You Can Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , October 10, 2018

So, here are four ways you can start to live a sustainable life.

It is likely something you’ve heard a lot about in the past several years – living a sustainable life. From advocates for our Earth to political campaigns, being sustainable is a popular trend nowadays. However, what does that truly mean and is it even attainable?

At its core, a sustainable lifestyle means that you essentially live without overusing natural resources and harming our environment. The idea is that you minimize your pollution and waste as much as possible, use fewer natural resources, and replenish as much as you can.

A sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to give up everything in life, or that you cannot enjoy the luxuries you once did. Instead, it merely means to live in a way in which you do not solely really on the finite amount of natural resources around.

A recent COMMERCIAL Café sustainability report found that America is making a modest transition away from fossil fuels, and emphasizes the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. So, here are four ways you can start to live a sustainable life.

Reduce Energy Consumption

One step you can take to a sustainable life is by reducing the amount of power your house uses. There are many simple steps you can implement, like turning off any appliances you are not using or lights in rooms you’re not in. Adjust the temperature for when you’re not around, and keep it a bit cooler in the winter (bundle up with blankets and sweaters if needed).

Other steps you can take include switching out your light bulbs with LED ones. Upgrade your existing appliances to more energy efficient ones. All of these steps will help your household reduce your energy consumption.


One notion of a sustainable lifestyle that is highly promoted is recycling. In today’s era, you can recycle almost any material for it to get created into something else. Recycling helps reduce any waste going into the landfill, and it also helps reduce the materials needed to make a new product.

Recycle food by starting a compost bin. There are many things you can do with compost, including fertilizing a garden. Return cans, bottles, and any type of packaging that is accepted. Even your electronics can go to the recycling bin as well.

Walk, Don’t Drive

One of the most significant changes you can make towards a more sustainable lifestyle is to limit the amount you rely on a vehicle. The fossil fuels a car relies on is a massive contributor to harming the world’s environment. By taking other modes of transportation, like riding a bike or walking, you are producing less harmful fumes from affecting the atmosphere.

Plant a Garden

Starting your own garden is another excellent way to be more sustainable. Why? Because you are growing your own food, and not relying on large farming corporations that produce significant amounts of fossil fuels. Whether it be a herb garden on your kitchen windowsill or an area at the community garden, the more you can grow your food, the less you will need to rely on the grocery store.

To make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, you can start with the smallest change. From walking to recycling, all of these steps help take you towards a sustainable life. You’ll also notice that a lot of these will also save you money down the road.

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