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QNAP vs. Synology which is better?

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , October 01, 2018

Selecting one among them is not an easy job especially if you have adequate technical expertise.

To protect and optimize data storage in any device, the use of a network attached storage is a must. There are plenty of such online tools, but if you search on the internet, you will find that the Synology and QNAP are the two most popular options. Selecting one among them is not an easy job especially if you have adequate technical expertise.

What basis to chose between the two?

Every individual has a different set of requirements and expectations from such a NAS, and if you are looking for the perfect choice, you must compare among multiple parameters to come down to the one that meets your needs. Below are various points that you must consider-

1. User Interface

Both of these units come with their user interface that is packed within a specific operating system. The desktop interface of these devices varies, and a lot of people consider this as a critical when choosing between QNAP and Synology. Regarding the operating system, the look and feel of Synology is like that of the Mac OS whereas the user interface of the QNAP is that similar to Android or Windows. Hence you need to look for the operating system that you are comfortable to use.

2. Mobile Accessibility

Both QNAP and Synology come with the option of connecting with a mobile device. You must understand as to what each of the brands has to offer. There are just ten applications on Synology that are built specifically for the mobile interface but provide enough features to use however QNAP comes with multiple applications that you can use. Some of the users are happy from Synology that it is not crowded with features, but few of the developers are disappointed by the lack of some vital information.

3. Hardware Specifications

For many people, hardware specifications of any device are considered to be the top factor for choosing between any devices even though not every powerful specification device performs as expected. Regarding hardware features, QNAP has the upper hand. It comes with an HDMI slot and more number of PCIe slots for expansion. The availability of the USB port at the front allows the users to access NAS unit easily with a USB device. The range of RAM and CPU performance is also better for QNAP as compared to Synology which the company has been claiming to be more of a network friendly device.

What you should know

When people look for buying such a device, they are looking for one that is suitable and can take care of their storage problems for at least few years and hence it is essential to spend considerable time and effort to identify a suitable device, follow the link to read more.

The choice of QNAP and Synology is not that easy to make, but the cost varies immensely based on the type of device that you are buying. It is recommended to read reviews of other users and build an understanding before you decide to buy any of the NAS devices.

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