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Mistakes First Time Car Buyers Make

by Editor (editor), , September 14, 2018

Here is a quick look at some of difference between you having a great experience with your first car or regretting making the decision.


The excitement of owning your first car may be overwhelming. It is usually a dream come true for many people, and they can’t just wait to be on the wheels of their first ride. Due to the excitement, a good number of them usually end up making certain mistakes they end up regretting later. If you are keen on getting your first ride, it is imperative to be conscious about these mistakes and avoid making them because they will be the difference between you having a great experience with your first car or regretting making the decision to buy the car. Here is a quick look at some of them-:

Skipping the research part


Due to the excitement, most first-time car buyers are fond of skipping the research part when and simply walk into what they think is the best-used car dealership in Phoenix, AZ and begin negotiating for a model which they also think suits their needs. This is a serious omission which will always come with a lot of regrets down the line. Researching the car you are interested in is a major phase in the purchase process because it will determine amongst other things-: the suitability of the car to your needs, your ability to comfortably pay for the car, cost of maintenance, consumption rates etc. If you don’t research, you will be buying into what you don’t know, and as such, you could up wasting a lot of money.

Checking out just one dealership


It is limiting to check out just one dealership for the car you want. There are a plethora of dealerships in Arizona, and the best thing to do is take your time and visit a couple before you make your decision on where exactly to get your car from. If you are going for a used car, it is important to compare your options from several sellers, since this is one of the best ways you can use to truly find a not just a good car, but a good deal on the car. Without shopping around, your choices will be limited and you may end up with a car you would have found at a more affordable rate with another dealership.

Getting attached to one model


When you are just about to spend thousands of dollars on a car, it is possible for emotions to get in and blind you from having an open mind regarding your choices. If you become infatuated with just a single model, you will deny yourself the chance to maintain objectivity, and you will easily bypass vital car buying considerations such as the safety, reliability, pricing information, and ratings amongst other things. Falling in love with just one model will also make you susceptible to the antics of the sales persons who may use your attachment to their advantage and ensure you fall for a deal that suits them to the most, even when the car is not going to be very useful to you. Therefore, be careful to not just fall in love with a specific model, especially if it is your first time so that you broaden your scope of getting a good deal.

Not going for the test drive

The test drive is one of the most important aspects of buying a car – new or used. If you visit some of the best-used car dealerships in Phoenix, AZ, they are always willing to schedule a test drive so that you can have a feel for the car you are interested in. It is important that you don't skip the test drive. It is through the test drive that you know how the vehicle measures against your expectations and confirm that it is indeed what you had hoped to get. Remember, a car may look very attractive and in perfect condition when described on the brochure, but the only way for you to find out before you spend your money on it is through the test drive.

Pegging your negotiation on the sticker price


It is never advisable to use the sticker price as the basis of your negotiations. A tricky salesman may offer you a deal that is $600 below the sticker price and most naïve buyers will conclude, thinking that they are getting a deal of a lifetime on the car. But they are always wrong and have effectively fallen into the traps of the salesmen. If the demand of the vehicle you are interested in is no huge and there is a deficit in supply, you can always get a very good deal apart from what the salesmen are trying to offer you.

The trick is to try and determine the dealer’s true cost by negotiating up to the amount the dealer paid for the car. In this manner, you can easily tell how much profits they are shooting for, and you can use this information to secure yourself a better deal. Again, if you did your research well, you will have a feel of what a good deal is based on the price comparisons you did during the research phase.

Only thinking about monthly payment during the negotiations

For most first time buyers, they only cost they think about during the price negotiations are the monthly payments. This is not proper because they will be focusing only on the price of owning the car when there are other expenses which they need to take into account as well. While negotiating for the car, it is important to also think about the interest rates and the loan duration. All these will count towards the overall cost of owning the car. A classic example is when a dealer suggests that you take a loan to fill the gap. Remember that the longer you take to pay the loan, the higher the chances of overpaying the car. Consequently, be very objective when negotiating for the price of the car and don’t let the monthly payments be your only focus.

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