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How to Memorialize and Carry on Your Loved One’s Memory

by Tom Starke (writer), , October 12, 2018

Losing someone we care about can be tragic. The grief that we feel can become overwhelming.

Losing someone we care about can be tragic. The grief that we feel can become overwhelming. It is not easy to get over this loss. When dealing with this immense grief, you can push yourself to overcome it by finding little and subtle ways to remember the good times you once had with your loved one. Holding on to and celebrating these memories can be one of the best ways to overcome this tragic time and finally one day find peace once again. Here are just a few enjoyable ways to hold on to the memory of your loved one and celebrate the time that they had with you.

  • Make a memory pillow. Many of us do not feel up to the task of having to go through the clothes of our loved one. It can be tedious and seem as if we are really having to say goodbye to them forever. It can get emotional doing this tedious task. However, there are ways to save your loved one’s favorite shirt or jacket. You do not have to throw away or give away their clothes anymore. You can make them into keepsake pillows for you and other members of your family. Anyone who may need something to hold on to to remember your loved one by could use one of these pillows. As silly as it sounds, it could just give you all that one little piece that you need to hold on to.
  • Plant a tree in their honor. Some people even like to add their loved one’s ashes to the tree, but you do not have to. Not only will planting a tree in your loved one’s name help the environment, but it will also give you a place to visit to remember them. You can think of your loved one as you watch this strong tree grow and overcome the obstacles in the world. You can reflect on their life and how much good they did in the world as you watch their tree flourish as they did. It can be refreshing and cathartic just to have a static place to go to to remember them and think about all the wonderful times you once had.
  • Create a new tradition. Most families can find their core being in traditions. It is what makes us happy and holds us together. We relish the memories we had and want to carry on with them. However, it can be difficult enjoying these traditions when someone we loved is not there. This should not stop us from keeping these traditions, but maybe it could push us to create some new ones to help memorialize our loved one. It does not have to be extravagant. You could do something special that means something to the deceased or you. Go to their favorite places during a certain time of year, eat their favorite foods on holidays, sing the songs they once sung, whatever you can do to help you through the days without forgetting your loved one can be special and help you overcome your feelings of grief.
  • Create a photo album or scrapbook. Many of us are visual with our memories. By creating an album or scrapbook, you can keep these visual memories alive. You can relive all the great moments you had with your loved one, and if you are comfortable with sharing, you could show others and tell them about all the good times you had. Once you start talking and reliving these special moments, it will be easier to remember your loved one without drowning in feelings of grief and loss. It can help you see all the great times you once had and maybe down the line, you can share them with others, family or friends, who may have never gotten the chance to meet your loved one. This could be a great way to allow others the chance to see your loved one as you did.

It can be difficult losing a person we cared about. It is never easy or simple dealing with the feelings of grief and loss. It is hard to get over. However, once you explore some new and creative ways to memorialize all the good things about your loved one, in time you may find those feelings easing ever so slightly from day to day. Do not give up hope. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. However, it will take time and the effort of finding the best outlet for your grief. Hopefully, some of the ideas above will help you on your way.

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