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4 Tips for Protecting Your Security While Gambling

by herbertp343 (writer), , September 12, 2018

Knowing how to protect your safety and security can lower the chances of being targeted for theft, fraud, and scams while you enjoy the thrill of gambling.

Many people count gambling among their favorite hobbies, whether they visit their local casino, play slots online, or buy lottery tickets. Even the Internal Revenue Service has advice about how to claim gambling wins and losses each tax year, proving the popularity of this pastime. However, while gambling can be fun, there are certain risks involved. Knowing how to protect your safety and security can lower the chances of being targeted for theft, fraud, and scams while you enjoy the thrill of gambling.

1. Separate Spending Money From Winnings

If you are gambling at a local casino or visiting one while on vacation, keeping your spending money separate from your winnings can help you in several ways. First, it can help you track loss vs. gain more easily so you do not overspend. It might also keep you from wadding your cash, which increases the chance of bills dropping from your pocket unnoticed. If you decide to carry a wallet instead of a fanny pack or other money holder, separate the cash into different sections and keep your wallet in your front pocket, not the back, for added security.

2. Protect Your PIN Number

Casinos usually have ATMs available if you want to draw out some extra cash for the lunch buffet or to play your favorite slot a little while longer. However, it is important to use these machines safely. If you plan to draw cash and there are people passing by or in line behind you, cover the PIN pad with one hand while you enter it with the other.

PINs are supposed to protect your financial transactions while at the ATM, but thieves are devising new ways to steal and abuse them. If you are withdrawing cash at a casino, it is wise to be aware of your surroundings and whether anyone may be watching.

3. Guard Your Identity

You may meet the occasional chatty person at a section of slots or at the blackjack table while at a casino, and most times, these encounters are harmless. However, being on your guard can help you identify potential scammers or identity thieves who want to target you. One way to do this is to listen carefully to how they speak.

For example, if you are playing slots and someone sits down next to you and strikes up a conversation, pay attention to whether they simply chat or if they start asking you questions. If they introduce themselves, offer a nickname in return to keep it simple. Avoid telling a chatty slot neighbor any details about where you live, whether you are from out of town, or who you are traveling with. If they ask a variety of questions like this, excuse yourself or politely decline further conversation.

4. Read Terms and Conditions for Online Casinos

The rise of online casinos has allowed players from all over the world to try their luck at virtual slots, roulette, and streaming live table games. If you plan to play from home, however, there are still a few security tips to keep in mind. It is wise, for example, to always read the terms and conditions you can find at legitimate online casinos, such as Being aware of rules regarding game play and payouts can help you avoid financial loss due to misunderstandings or ignorance of how the site works. If you cannot find a terms and conditions section on a virtual casino’s page, you may want to abandon it for one that displays it clearly.

Gambling can be a fun and exciting hobby when you set reasonable limits and know how to protect yourself. Whether you gamble at your local casino or online, guarding your safety and security can help you better enjoy the exhilarating world of gaming.

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