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Experience the charm of Italian Automakers

by kelifornia (writer), , October 12, 2018

At first glance, you might think that this is just "just another" garage, but that's not the case.

The Liem AG garage and car accessories is probably one of the most beautiful garages in the country. At first glance, you might think that this is just "just another" garage, but that's not the case. Even from the outside one could still keep the impression, but as soon as one has run down the small mountain and looks through the large glass facade, everyone should already realize that they have landed here in a special operation. Because what immediately catches the eye here is the beautiful and spacious showroom, which is not simply clinically equipped and equipped with some vehicles, as is the case in other garages.

No, it's a bit different here. This already starts with the fact that one sees a large wall decorated with graffiti, which captures the charm of Italy and the holiday feeling and is able to draw the customer or prospective customer directly into a small other world. On top of that, at the entrance opposite, you can see directly onto a beautifully designed bar that invites you to linger. Of course, no cocktails are served here, despite the Italian atmosphere, because that would be in the context of motorists who come here, a bit inappropriate, but you get a good Italian espresso here in any case. You also need it, it usually does not take long and the boss joins the customer to have a chat about their health and concerns. It makes you feel very welcome and in good hands, and the boss is not sitting in a back room in a hiding room compared to other garages, so he does not have to have any customer contact at all. Instead, he sits directly in the showroom. So he has the full overview who comes and goes, can always inquire whether everything is ok and everything was to their satisfaction, before a customer leaves the house again and this warmth is not only meant honestly, it comes from the heart and this is what customers feel.

Here one is the time while waiting for his vehicle, beautifully shortened and not infrequently customers stop here without much concern, just to say hello, because you got so used to each other over the years that sometimes almost friendships from it , Which other garage can claim this already, in the customer loyalty then so much to have managed that one is almost friends with their own customers. Hardly anybody else, you can be sure. Of course, the Garage Lucerne has much more to offer than Fiat Lucerne and Alfa Romeo Lucerne, because the team is also very strong in the Tuning Lucerne area and they especially appreciate the young customers who often and often like to frequent the garage. Such a workshop in Lucerne is what you want on your own site and once you have found such a partner for you, there is hardly a reason to ever change again and the choice of the brand when making a new purchase has already been shaped.

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