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Online Dating Etiquette

by herbertp343 (writer), , September 07, 2018

Here’s a look at some online dating dos and don’ts.

More than 25 percent of single Americans believe that the internet is the right place to look for love. There are dating networks for every type of potential love connection from Latin singles dating sites to online forums for perky seniors. Can you find your soul mate on a website specializing in romance? Maybe! Here’s a look at some online dating dos and don’ts.

Who Are You Looking For?

Before you put your profile up online, take a few minutes to think about the type of partner you want to attract. Craft a description that’s specifically designed to appeal to that type of person.

Find the Right Dating Site

Bigger, better known dating sites will probably have a much larger pool of potential love connections, it’s true; but you may have to do a lot of searching before you find someone whose interests and personality are compatible with your own. Smaller niche sites focus on that one quality you must have in common with a person you’re going out.

Larger dating sites often make questionnaires, personality tests and other tools available to help you in your search for love. While these can be fun, be careful about revealing things that are too personal. When the time comes for that first date, don’t suggest brunch at your apartment. Make sure to meet in a public place where there are a lot of people around.

Don’t Misrepresent Yourself

While it’s important to put up a flattering profile photograph, make sure you’re not pretending to be someone you’re not. Your photograph should be current, and it should not be Photoshopped.

Would you be more attractive if you were 20 pounds lighter and 10 years younger? Probably not—because it’s what’s inside that counts. By misrepresenting yourself in this fashion, you may actually be decreasing your chances of meeting someone in the flesh because you’ll be too scared that your reality will not measure up to the other person’s fantasy. Remember: You don’t want to find someone compatible with the person you’re pretending to be; you want to find someone who’s compatible with you.

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