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5 Steps for Styling Dog’s Apparel

by Editor (editor), , August 31, 2018

If you are considering buying your furry companion some stylish apparel, you need to take the following steps:

As the year gets colder, our canine friends often need a little help in keeping warm. That’s why most people thought of dog’s clothing as a way to keep shaved and short-haired dogs warm in cold weather. Fast forward a few decades later, it has now turned into a multi-faceted industry encompassing everything from functional winter wear to novelty holiday costumes. If you are considering buying your furry companion some stylish apparel, you need to take the following steps:

1. Talk to your vet

This is an important step, especially if your dog has a medical history. Your vet can give you helpful information on what might be more ideal for your dog, or what materials to avoid. You may also be advised on the accessories that may cause anxiety or be harmful to your pet. Once your vet says it’s okay to dress up your dog and with what clothing, you can proceed with the next step.

2. Measure your dog

You need a soft tape measure for this task. You can start by measuring the circumference of your dog’s neck, ideally, the area where the collar normally sits. Then measure your dog’s length, from where the collar rests all the way to the base of the tail. You should also measure your dog’s chest/girth. To take this measurement, the tape measure should be placed behind the dog’s front legs and then pull it around the sides until the tape measure meets. Be sure to take all the measurements in inches.

3. Warm up your dog to the idea

While some dogs will not have a problem with being dressed up, some might be aggressive or scared. It will not be appropriate (or even safe) for you to force your dog into dressing up if it doesn’t feel comfortable. Instead, try warming up your dog to the idea of getting dressed up by letting it sniff the clothing to become familiar. The more exposure your dog is to its apparel, the more likely it will warm up to it.

4. Try an anxiety vest

Before buying some stylish clothing for your dog, you might want to consider buying an anxiety vest first. The vest will come quite in handy, especially if your dog has behavioral issues. Just like babies feel less anxious about being swaddled in cloth, dogs too can benefit from wearing anxiety vests.

5. Find appropriate vendors

Once you are sure that your dog is open to the idea of getting dressed up, you can start shopping for your dog’s clothing. The easiest place to find stylish clothing for your dogs is online. There are online vendors who besides being devoted to making accessories and apparel for dogs, also offer advice and recommendations. For example, proven professionals are at Fluffy’s Pet Shop. You can check their website here.

Additional tips

  • In case you cannot find one that identically matches your dog’s size, consider buying apparel that is a bit larger to ensure your dog’s comfort.
  • Look for apparel with matching colors, similar pattern, or select partnered costumes that complement each other.
  • Go for clothing that doesn’t cover your dog’s mouth, whiskers, nose, eyes, or tail.
  • Ensure that the clothing you choose doesn’t have choking hazards such as zippers, buttons, and hooks, etc.

You don’t need quite much to transform your pet from an ordinary dog to a well-dressed pup. With a soft tape measure, a reliable internet connection, and due diligence, you can be able to style your dog’s apparel in the above 5 simple steps. If you want your furry pal to not just keep up with its peers but surpass them, consider buying your dog’s apparel from a reputable online vendor.

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