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Get Fit and Concentrated with the Right Martial Arts Classes

by herbertp343 (writer), , August 27, 2018

The truth is that the benefits they have on us are innumerable.

Benefits of practicing Mugendo

Many reasons that can compel you to enter the world of martial arts. Whether it's merely as a sport, as a means of personal defense, to improve your health or as a lifestyle, the truth is that the benefits they have on us are innumerable.

Mugendo Martial Arts and Health

  • The practice of Mugendo brings remarkable benefits in health since it focuses on the care and the perfect balance between body and mind. We recommend working on body care, quality in the hours of sleep, receiving a balanced diet and away from bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages in excess.
  • Practicing kickboxing, fitness, personal defense and martial arts in our dojo is an excellent decision to exercise physically. Also, based on discipline, you will replace own bad habits with others that act positively on your health.
  • Mugendo Martial Arts supposes a strengthening and development of the body that is translated in a visible physical improvement since it enhances, among other faculties, the stability, the balance, the coordination, the elasticity, the speed and the power.
  • Besides, one of the advantages is that we adapt our training programs to all types of people, regardless of age or sex.
  • The practice of BJJ and Muay Thai classes means to acquire more resistance and better flexibility in the body, qualities that are indispensable to achieve a correct execution of the techniques that are carried out: Techniques in the attack, the displacement and the combat position. Series of activities that would not be possible without flexibility in the lower and upper extremities, and at the same time in the whole body.
  • We must not forget that the muscles must increase their power and speed, therefore; Gaining strength and flexibility is indispensable in all martial arts training.

Take care of Mind

  • Finding the balance between body and mind has been a goal sought by man for centuries. l. The practice of Mugendo can bring you closer to this goal.
  • IN Mugendo they help you to build character, to increase self-confidence, to learn to relax, to concentrate and maintain control over oneself. And even more, these are benefits that last beyond mere practice in the dojo.
  • Physical exercise is one of the most excellent methods of stress control, and it has been proven that those activities where you have the opportunity to hit such as Kickboxing and Martial Arts in MUGENDO are genuinely useful in relieving the emotional tensions that come accumulating.
  • During a session of blows and kicks, the bag is channeled much of the negative energy that we can bring in the form of worries, frustration, anger, etc. It is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise.
  • On the other hand, Mugendo Martial Arts is a physical-mental discipline that helps us channel stress through the practice of mental exercises with which we can focus our energy better, such as visualizations, meditation, and yoga. Breath which is excellent for relaxing our body and mind.

For Kids

  • It is proven that the practice of Mugendo increases Self-Esteem and assertiveness and decreases aggressiveness and violent disposition. Also, it is not an activity exclusively for extroverted children and adolescents, but it adapts to all kinds of characters and personalities.
  • We use traditional elements, non-violent techniques, and a very controlled physical contact.
  • Many studies have shown the benefits of the practice of Martial Arts in hyperactive children or with psychomotricity problems. It is of particular interest to highlight the benefit of this type of activity in children and adolescents who come from dysfunctional families or who have behavioral issues. Through the practice of Mugendo Martial Arts, the improvements are evident in adolescents in behavior problems.

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