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What Are "Dadchelor Parties", And How Do You Throw One?

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 27, 2018

The modern man is increasingly comfortable with showing his softer side, and that means embracing things like parenthood and responsibility.

But, on the other hand, he also knows how to have a good time, and will take pretty much any excuse to have a get-together with his buds. From these two seemingly opposing characteristics, the “Dadchelor Party” was born. What exactly is a Dadchelor Party, though, and how do you go about planning one? Read ahead to find out.

What Is A Dadchelor Party?

Sometimes called a Man Shower (which carries its own, unintentional double entendre) the Dadchelor party is, in essence, the male equivalent of a baby show, with a little bit of bachelor party vibes thrown in for good measure. It usually involves getting together with your buddies and either doing things that directly relate to fatherhood, or things that are typical of the male experience.

There might be drinking. There might not. There might be partying. There might not. It really all depends on the dad-to-be, much like how a baby shower caters to mom-to-be’s sensibilities and might involve some rowdiness. But make no mistake: unlike a bachelor party, which is stereotypically about living out a night of freedom, the Dadchelor Party is about celebrating what’s to come.

Why Should You Throw One?

It might be a recent trend, but it appears as though it’s catching on quickly. In a world that increasingly seeks to break down the gender divide, it makes sense that men might have their own right of passage, a ritual they can partake in as they take the first dive into fatherhood.

That’s the long-winded answer. The short answer is that any excuse to get together with friends and have fun is welcome, whether you choose to get rowdy or play it a little tamer. If you have a friend who’s an expecting father, bring up the idea with him – you’re almost guaranteed to be met with enthusiasm.

How To Throw The Ultimate Dadchelor Party

There are a couple ways of throwing a Dadchelor Party: you can focus on dad-related games and activities, or just get out of the house and enjoy some good old-fashioned guy time. Here are a few different activities for you to consider…

Axe Throwing – Get manly with it – dress up in your roughest flannel shirt, enjoy a flagon of ale, and throw some axes at some wooden targets. You can book a lane at the Backyard Axe Throwing League (or BATL, for short), which probably has a facility near you, and which offers instructions, competitions and (depending on the location) food and drinks.

Diaper Derby – For a fatherly sort of game, you can play the “Diaper Derby”, which is a relay that pits two teams’ ability to fold a diaper over a baby doll the quickest. It’s like flip cup but with diaper application, and can be easily (so easily!) made into a drinking game, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Card Games – A popular Dadchelor Party pastime is the traditional poker night, complete with bets, chips, drinks and food. You can make it more dad-themed by calling it Poker and Pampers, and requiring people to bring a pack of diapers as a buy-in.

BBQ – Sometimes affectionately referred to as a “Baby-Q”, the backyard grill party is a common Dadchelor idea. You could serve baby back ribs, baby corn, baby carrots, baby potatoes… you get the idea. Why you would want to eat things that are referred to as baby at a Dadchelor Party is a little unclear, but it’s a fun idea nonetheless.

It isn’t like the old days anymore, when the responsibility of raising a child fell squarely on the mother (which is definitely a good thing). Dads are taking a more active role in raising their children, and consequently it makes sense that they should have their own right of passage into this big responsibility. Go take the dad-to-be out on the town – go axe throwing to blow off some steam, play some silly dad-related games and eat some dad-related food. If for nothing else than to have another party with your friends, throw a Dadchelor Party!

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