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4 Questions That Dental Patients Ask About Dental Financing

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 25, 2018

The good news is that the problem for your dental pain can be corrected with a simple procedure.

Unfortunately, the cost is more than you can afford right now. Instead of trying to save the money and come back in as few months, consider the alternative of a dental loan. While you have questions, a reputable provider is happy to provide the answers. Here are some examples of the more common questions patients ask.

Is It Hard to be Approved?

A dental loan obtained from a reputable lender typically involves qualifications that are a little different from the ones associated with a standard bank loan. Someone who would be turned down for a conventional loan has a good chance of being approved for dental financing.

The time needed to receive an answer is also short in comparison to conventional lending. In some cases, it’s possible to apply while still at the dental office, obtain the approval, and schedule the treatments during that same visit.

What Sort of Fees are Paid Up Front?

The amount of money the patient will pay up front varies, since part of the cost is based on the total expense of the procedure. This is typically a fixed percentage of what the treatment will cost. Along with that figure, the patient who chooses one of the Ajeva dental payment plans will also pay a loan origination fee. Before the patient agrees to anything, the total up front cost is calculated and provided.

Will Credit Scores Prevent Acceptance?

One thing that sets the Ajeva dental payment plans apart from many other lenders is that the patient’s credit score is not the only consideration. Closer attention to the present situation of the patient is more important. If the patient did have a few financial issues a few years back that lowered the score, but those issues are long resolved, there’s a good chance of being approved.

How Long Does the Patient Have to Repay the Loan?

The term for repayment will vary based on the amount loaned. Patients who are approved for Ajeva dental payment plans may lock in terms that include repayment within six months. In some cases, they may have up to 24 months to repay the loan balance. The terms are outlined at the time the loan offer is presented, so there are no surprises about the amount of each payment or how many monthly payments are involved.

Whatever questions you may have about applying for, receiving, or managing a dental loan, the right lender will be happy to ensure they are answered in full. Make sure you understand how the loan works, what sort of obligation you assume when you accept the offer, and make the payments on time. Doing so will make it all the easier to know where to turn the next time you need any type of dental treatment.

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