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How to Steer Meaningful Outcomes for Your Business with Instagram Marketing

by Editor (editor), , August 24, 2018

Here are some of the tips outlined below to help you experience favorable outcomes for your business through Instagram marketing:

Visuals have always had an upper hand over the text format and this cannot be truer after evaluating the modern-day scenario of the marketing niche. With digital marketing at its very peak, the major tool of digital marketing is social media that allows the business marketers to connect with the common users. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are predominantly popular for their text content, YouTube is the best platform for videos; it is Instagram that renders the audience with the best of both images and videos.

In addition, if you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a quick and rapid exposure on the web through social media, going for Instagram marketing should be your go-to option. There is a reason behind the incredible popularity of Instagram – the average user nowadays has a smartphone in hand and with Instagram being a mobile-exclusive social media platform, it is easier for users to access remarkable visual content shared by their close ones and favorite brands at their fingertips.

Here are some of the tips outlined below to help you experience favorable outcomes for your business through Instagram marketing:

Make a Switch to the Instagram Business Account

According to a recent survey, it was found that over twenty-five million businesses are already leveraging the multiple benefits of having an Instagram business account. Opting for a business account becomes imperative especially when you are new to the marketing niche and looking for valuable information that will help you in forging your upcoming strategies. With an Instagram business account, you can have unlimited access to various promotional tools and helpful analytics required to boost your ongoing performance. Apart from that, unlike personal accounts, you can also monitor your follower growth with the help of Instagram business account. Besides, Instagram allows business account holders with an opportunity to add a contact button, making it easier for users to reach out to your more personally while streamlining your social media customer support feature.

Utilizing a Profile Tracking Link

Given the fact that Instagram allows you to share only one live URL on the entire channel, it is important for you to understand the importance of this single link and how to optimize it in order to get the best possible results. The only thing that you need to be mindful of while optimizing the link is that it can be tracked to have the required access. Placing a tracking link in your profile bio will give you an insight into how many followers were driven from the platform to your online storefront. In order to ensure having such crucial insights, make sure that you are using customized URL building tools such as for added functionality.

Utilize the Carousel Format

It has not been very long since Instagram introduced the multi-grid image format, which is also known as the carousel format that allows you to make an effective statement. It helps you in brilliantly designing your profile on Instagram that will give an impression of your creativity and innovation. Apart from that, the multi-grid image format is indecipherable which means when you upload the series of images, the users will become curious to see what is in there, leading to accessing the slideshow.

Work on a Robust Analytics Solution

While working on a new tactic for promoting your brand on Instagram, make sure that you have given a thought to invest in an authentic and legitimate Instagram analytics solution. After all, having a powerful analytics solution is the only answer to the question whether your marketing strategies are working on the platform or not. Although it is true that you can have the basic information of your performance from your business account as well, the third-party analytics tool confers a wide range of information that cannot be accessed otherwise. Having decked with a great analytics solution for your Instagram marketing is essential for both your future promotional tactics and ongoing campaign.

Craft an Impressive Content Calendar

Thanks to the captivating user interface of Instagram, it is very different from other social media channels in terms of content exposure. Your content will not be buried in your profile and your follower and new users can still access to them even if you shared them months ago. However, even though Instagram provides you this opportunity, it is critical for you to be mindful of your content calendar and work on a profile that legitimately showcases a comprehensive brand narrative through an engaging sequence of regular content. For more engagement on your Instagram content, you can use various credible tools to buy IG likes and ensure more outreach.

Turn on Instagram Notifications

Activating your Instagram notification is now more important than ever as it ensures that you or someone from your marketing team is always there to respond to the feedback or query of your prospective audience on the platform. This will lend an impression on the minds of the audience that you are always available and more than willing to help your followers. Make sure that you have turned on your Instagram notifications to enhance the user engagement and creating positive sentiments.

Pick an Ideal Handle

If you have not created your Instagram profile yet and working on the basic strategies to kick-start your marketing campaign on the platform, make sure that you spend time in creating a suitable handle. The handle is basically a type of username that you need to identify and it must suit the objectives and theme of your brand. Leveraging a handle that best suits your brand is a great way to drive a loyal follower base and creating a trustworthy user community on the platform.

Optimize Your Profile Image Strategically

When it comes to optimizing your profile image, the first thing that you need to consider is choosing an image that reflects your ongoing marketing campaign on the platform. The best way is to go for the brand logo, however, you can work out on logo variation just to maintain the consistency and encourage your followers to visit your profile more often.


Finally, it requires an organized plan and well-defined tactics to gain success in any marketing campaign and the same goes for Instagram. Utilize the various features available on the platform and get ahead of the competition.

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