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Combine Instagram With Email Marketing To Drive Business Sales

by Editor (editor), , August 24, 2018

If you are actually planning to fuel email list, then try adding Instagram marketing in the said list.

Being email marketer, you might have envied followers and reach of social media marketer at some point or the other. It is quite natural, mostly in times when many believe that email is dead, which isn’t true to say the least. According to some reports made, around 2.760 billion email users are there in the global platform, which comprises of consumers and businesses. This number isn’t stagnant and on the rise. You have Social media platforms with emails, which are mainly two sides of same coin. Both have individual value and combining them will spell wonder.

One such social media platform, which will definitely catch your eye, has to be Instagram. With more than 800 million active users monthly, around 300 million of them use this app every day. So, if you are actually planning to fuel email list, then try adding Instagram marketing in the said list.

How Instagram can help you with email list growth:

Instagram is no doubt attractive and quite powerful form of social platform. With the growing popularity these days, email marketers are well in cashing in on ways for yielding best results through the field of Instagram marketing. So, it is time to check out on the ways it functions first.

Around half of businesses are not even aware of ways to enjoy profit through Instagram. Some have tried and others are plain and simply confused. For that, checking out the Instagram funnel is important. The basic option is through Instagram marketing and then nurturing the steps towards sales. Brands these days have been highly active on Instagram as it helps in increasing brand visibility. It further helps in acquiring more leads, which will help in increasing sales.

Ways to use Instagram for the sake of growing email list:

There are some simple steps to follow when you are actually planning to use Instagram for growing email list. Want to know how? Let’s get into details and you can even ask teams from Gramista to get some ideas.

1.Optimize Instagram profile for just acquiring email sign-ups:

The very first step to optimize Instagram and email marketing section is by adding bulletproof form to Instagram bio in space, designed for a URL. These forms are designed to help collect some quality leads for brands.

  • There are so many email marketing services available. Some of those are AWeber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and even Campaign Monitor. These sources help in building customized sign-up forms to be integrated on multiple platforms.
  • Your forms need to have some slots for capturing information, designed to learn more about Instagram leads. A proficient and in-depth study helps in understanding major information like buying patterns and behavior.
  • You even have to gain some incentives for enticing respective customers to fill in form. Ensure that the incentives are what customers actually want and something which you are planning to offer them.

Some things like promo codes, free downloads, contests, discounts and even product samples can work really well over here.

2. Get to nurture leads with relevant content:

When you are done capturing leads, you have to understand preferences. What are the pages your prospective customers might follow? What are their major interests? What will be their online purchasing habits? What are you actually expecting out of brand? You have to get these points covered to nurture leads with promising content.

  • It is your job to research every aspect of new customers, early on this procedure.
  • It is your duty to check on some facts like interests, gender, recent purchases, buying history, location and patterns before pushing right towards sale.
  • Even though making sale is the ultimate objective, you have to give leads a good experience in this field.

Good experience will not just help in keeping present customers engaged and happy but can also attract potential leads to brand. Word of mouth is always proven to be powerful.

3. Trying to build a promising email list for driving sales:

After you have successfully worked your way out to increase sign ups, the time has come to start sending offers and deals to the inboxes of your selected customers immediately. As they are the one subscribed to your emails through the Instagram post, they will expect something interesting as a content piece. They want to get some interactive form of content. Therefore, always be sure to give them valueand engage them. You need to understand the points relevant to your sales section and work on it accordingly.

  • It is your duty to start making profit boosting simple and with an easy flow. Trying to send some emails and newsletters to subscribers can often lead to major conversions.
  • In this particular procedure, newsletters play a pivotal role. It is mostly important if leads have often been a part of Instagram followers.

Most of the leads you have captured recently are from Instagram posts. However, there are times when the posts are buried or missed under other posts in the feed line. Therefore, trying to send regular newsletter with all your recent posts and offers can help in spicing up your relationship and gain some great leads.

Taking help of email marketing apps:

There are some email marketing apps available online. These apps are designed to help you manage the email marketing campaigns better with social media by your side. But before using the app and even the social media channel namely Instagram you have to learn more about each platform separately.

First of all, you need to learn about Instagram. Even though, it started as a basic photo and video sharing platform, now with addition of live stories and more, you can easily use it for business based strategies. Once you are through with Instagram and its power, next stop happens to be the email marketing apps. Each app has its sets of powerful features to cover up. Choose the one you like and things might go accordingly as planned. If you need to know more about the packages, Instagram and apps, try catching up with reputed developers in town.

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