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How use UX Design to Create Best user experience in website

by Editor (editor), , August 22, 2018

When a user finds new ways and approaches related to specific information displayed in the right format, then only the visiting rate on the website increases.

You must have spent a couple of hours on surfing through various web pages and websites using different devices with different screen size. With a high competition among the designs, certain areas in the designing process require special attention. Every designer wants to provide a unique level of User experience. With latest formatting criteria and principles to be followed it has become necessary that developer should upgrade their designing workability. There are many guidelines drive out from website designing principles so that the number of visitors should increase and helps in generating business revenue online. You could easily find many websites available on the internet following a similar design approach which makes the user experience dull and boring. When a user finds new ways and approaches related to specific information displayed in the right format, then only the visiting rate on the website increases.

There are few tips from guidelines based on User experience principle helps in making the website more interactive and attractive

  • User Experience Enhancement: People often remembers the design of the website they found while surfing through the internet and start exploring it even though it doesn’t contain information relative to what they were looking for. User likes visiting the website that provides good experience in terms of usability and looks and feels. The way in which information is displayed on the web pages is what counts the success ratio of the website. For many websites and apps, during designing, UX design is considered the most important aspect. The combination of graphics, texts, and audio/visual experience together helps in developing the layout that could draw a lot of attention. Differentiation display of information for the user is what makes the user experience of that website outstanding.
  • SEO enriched website: You have created the website, but it will be of no use if it is not being circulated to a targeted audience. It is very important that your website should get its audience visibility. Proper SEO should be done so that search query will be optimized and could help search engine to start ranking the website efficiently on search. With millions of websites and trillions off web pages available, it is not that easy to resurface your website pages on the top of every search until your website pages are optimized. It is recommended in the first place that website should be Search Engine Optimization audited otherwise your effort of designing and developing might go waste.
  • Simplicity is the key to success: No one likes seeing clutter and mess on the website. You must have seen many websites that are full of information, options but with very less space to display them. Complexity display of information in the design layout cannot do any good for the website. They display factor should always be set to minimal. Your design layout should hold clarity in displaying information and don’t provide a lot many non-functional options that are useless for the user and make them confused. The options with functionality should be integrated into the design that can help in enhancing the website experience for the user. Using the required elements can help the user understanding the information to be provided by the website to the user. The behavior of website design should be straightforward and make the functionality easy and simple so that user can easily locate the next action to be taken.

  • Balancing the creative and non-creative approach in designing: Repeating the same patterns of designs is of no use. The user can anyway find them on other websites. It is important that your design layout variations should be consistent like when you are designing the positions of links, buttons, navigation, etc. you should apply moderate creativeness in the design. It is not necessary that all the elements of a website should be designed creatively. There are certain spots which can be displayed using common design helping the user in understanding them. They are required to keep simple. UX design is what marks the success of the website and depending on that the balancing of creative and non-creative criteria should be maintained. Aesthetically, usability should be counted and based on that layout changes should be done. Once the layout is figured out then, creativity can also be applied. Through your website you wanted to draw maximum user attention, so following the right approach in the design layout is quite important.
  • Scrolling vs. paging: Website design layout follow top to bottom approach and thus you need a scrolling bar that can help in exploring the further attached items of the website. Depending upon the website capability, the content distribution is made page wise and depending on that page contains the item that might allocate the space. It might be possible that there is only single space allocated for a single item and might be possible that more than one item can also adjust in there. Further, if you are imparting enough space to allocate one or two single items then the number of pages might get increased and thus surf through the pages with clicks might be counted as expensive.

So, the fastest and easiest way to be implemented in page design is scrolling through long pages than integrating a number of pages. User experience is what matters here most, and no one wants that there will be any complexity in the accessibility of the information. Therefore, within a few seconds of time, you can dive-in the information and scroll it to the down. Panning and flicking help in strengthening the frequency of scroll in the page in different device screens.


It’s true that if the user doesn’t find any comfort and enjoyment in surfing through a website that will not go to help in achieving the credibility. In today’s competition, there is a fight in getting more user credibility by providing a true and great level of user experience in website design. It is important to feature that cannot be neglected otherwise it might not result well. So, proper layout deigns principles to be followed in order to achieve good for the website.

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