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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Public Adjuster When Filing An Insurance Claim

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , August 20, 2018

If however, the home is lost or the expenses are going to surpass your insurance deductible, you’re going to need to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Have you ever met anyone who enjoys dealing with insurance companies? The answer is probably not, unless you’re talking to an insurance agent. Dealing with your insurance company is a tedious and lengthy process, especially if you’re filing a claim. When you pay your insurance premium every month, you’re protecting yourself from things like water damage, theft, fire damage, liability, healthcare costs etc. When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, most mortgage companies require you to have it. If something happens to your home i.e. a natural disaster or electrical fire, odds are you’re going to want to go through your insurance company. If the cost to repair the damage is estimated to be lower than your deductible, you can avoid the entire claims process and just pay out of pocket. If however, the home is lost or the expenses are going to surpass your insurance deductible, you’re going to need to contact your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Whenever you go through your insurance company that has to do with a situation that included damage or loss, they’re going to send an adjuster. An adjusters job is to assess the damage and help come to a conclusion regarding the payout you’re going to receive from your insurance company. Many people however choose to hire their own Chinese Public Adjuster. A public adjuster works independently to assess the damage and act as the middle man between you and your insurance company. Historically, public adjusters are able to get you a larger settlement than you would get without using them. Aside from more money, there are plenty of other reasons why hiring a public adjuster is beneficial for you.

You’re not familiar with the process

Like most people, you might now be able to navigate and understand the terms and conditions in your original contract with your insurance company. With that, it could be difficult for you to effectively communicate with your agent or company adjuster in order keep the process running smoothly. The public adjuster can use their background in insurance, construction, and sometimes even law in order to maximize your payout. This will also take the burden off of you. The process can take weeks or months to settle, including hours of phone calls, meetings, and dozens of emails and letters going back and forth. If you work full-time or run a business, hiring a public adjuster can ease the headaches you’re bound to incur.

The claim will be resolved quicker

There are laws against how long an insurance company can keep your claim open, attempting to ensure a speedy settlement for you. If there’s a delay on your side however, the process can be dragged out for months. While you more than anyone wants to get the settlement paid out quickly, it’s hard to do when you’re not sure what information the insurance company needs, let alone in what format. Public adjusters deal with insurance claims for a living and therefore they know exactly how to get the process going quickly. Hiring a public adjuster can expedite your repairs and therefore get your life back to normal sooner.

They know how to work the system

Just like you hire a lawyer when you need consulting and advice because they know much more about the law than you do, it makes sense to hire a public adjuster since they’re much more familiar with construction and insurance companies than you are. After looking at the damage or loss you’ve incurred, they might be able to identify damages you didn’t know you were eligible for. Rather than scanning the damage, they’ll look into foundational and structural damage not only to increase your settlement, but also to make sure the assessment is fair and you won’t encounter even more problems in the future.

It’s in their best interest to get you a larger settlement

If you choose to hire a public adjuster on your own, it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that you have to pay them for their services. As a payment, they’ll take a small percentage of the final payout you receive from your insurance company. Since they’re being paid proportionally to what you’re being paid, they’re going to make sure they’re getting the most out of the insurance company as possible.

It’s less stress on you

Hopefully you haven’t had to deal with filing an insurance claim yet, but if you’re reading this, you must be on the verge of doing so. If there’s one thing you should be prepared for, it’s how stressful this process can get. It’s even more stressful if you’ve lost your home or damaged it so badly that you can’t live in it while repairs are being made. If this happens, you’ll most likely either have to stay with a family or friend, or rent a hotel room. Being put out of your house and having to deal with the insurance company can be tough. Public adjusters might ask your insurance company to give you part of the settlement up front so that you can properly pay for your needs in the mean time. This is something you might not have known that you could even ask of them. Public adjusters will do all of the digging, communicating, and negotiating so that you don’t have to. Instead, you can worry about taking care of your family and working in the mean time. They should also be able to consult you on contractors they trust as well as estimates to fix damages.

By no means do you have to hire a public adjuster in order to get yourself and your family through the insurance claims process, it is however sometimes in your best interest. Make sure you find someone with good references, a reputable background, and in depth knowledge of the type of damage you’ve incurred.

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