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Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Salesforce DX

by Editor (editor), , August 16, 2018

The best thing about Salesforce DX is that it could be used in conjunction with other tools and solutions that are easily available in the marketplace.

Salesforce DX is supposed to be a brand new and fresh approach to development that is widely welcomed by everyone, on the popular Salesforce platform. This truly versatile platform is known for allowing developers to make the most of the cutting-edge software development techniques. However, admins may be wondering ways to fit into this overall picture. Salesforce is not regarded as a product. Instead, it is referred to as a program with several initiatives that would be covering but would certainly not be restricted to continuous integration, release management, and Salesforce applications’ packaging.

Salesforce DX is not supposed to be a monolithic solution which would be offering a nothing or an all approach. Consumers enjoy the liberty to opt for specific parts of the offered solution and leave out those parts that they feel are not applicable. The best thing about Salesforce DX is that it could be used in conjunction with other tools and solutions that are easily available in the marketplace.

So What Is Salesforce DX?

Salesforce DX is supposed to be an initiative for boosting developer productivity and providing the similar effective tools that are provided by other technology to their developers. For instance, it could easily be compared to the toolsets from Microsoft like Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio that are known for providing holistic and comprehensive business solutions.

In order to carry on growing and monetizing further the Salesforce platform, it is mandatory for Salesforce to actually offer a solution for the conventional developers for building code-intensive applications. We know that Salesforce DX would be utilizing Open Source Technology for helping developers in transitioning from some other technology platforms. Salesforce DX is known to offer tremendous flexibility to effectively integrate a broad spectrum of outside tools simply because it has been built successfully around open APIs and robust Command Line Interface. Visit Flosum as the principles followed by Salesforce DX are well-aligned with this platform. They understand that Salesforce DX is promoting the top practices associated with application development.

Salesforce DX Introduces Some New Principles

Some of the core principles of the versatile Salesforce DX are:

Source-Driven Development

Salesforce DX upholds source-driven development. We know that when the application development velocity goes up and the team sizes increase, version control is mandatory for preventing developers from overwriting one another’s code. One common version control throughout the team would promote collaboration, boost visibility among the team members, drive developer productivity, and focus on keeping all the sandboxes in perfect sync.

Rapid Testing & Development

The inherent nature of the popular Salesforce platform would be enabling admins, citizen developers, and developers to go on building and releasing applications quickly. Consumers must necessarily follow the versatile and agile best practices for effectively reducing testing & app development time.

Open and Standard Experience for Developers

Now you could consider building with effective open & standard tools such as Git, VS Code, Selenium, Eclipse, and others. You could now effortlessly integrate IDEs and tools with the Salesforce DX simply by utilizing open APIs and tools that are known to uphold open-source standards.

Re-imagined Packaging

Thanks to its new Managed Packaging, its partners and customers could now successfully organize all their distribute apps and metadata while adopting a CLI-centric and Source-driven approach toward automating and managing the complete app lifecycle.


Salesforce DX has been successful in modernizing software development practices for accommodating faster innovation. It is popular since it is known to provide a host of new tools and features for the Salesforce developers. The integrated and open platform helps developers in building collaboratively and delivering continuously.

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