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Simple Fixes You can Incorporate Into your Daily Routine

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 16, 2018

Here are a few simple fixes you can incorporate into your daily routine today.

A great way to live a healthier lifestyle and equally protect the planet is to save water at home. On average, the typical household uses about 300 gallons of water per day. This is enough to fill up six bathtubs with water! Unfortunately, much of this water goes unused and is simply washed down the drain. If you’re wondering how you can do your part to preserve one of Earth’s most precious resources, here are a few simple fixes you can incorporate into your daily routine today.

#1 Fix existing leaks.

Fixing leaks around the home can help you save tremendous amounts of water. For example, leaky toilets can result in the loss of up to 200 gallons per day! Therefore, address all leaks from toilets, to faucets, to water hoses outdoors for immediate savings.

#2. Brushing your teeth.

Also remember to turn off the faucet as you brush your teeth or shave. This can help you save up to 4 gallons of water per minute or 8 gallons per day per person in your household.

#3. Collect shower water.

Another great way to preserve water is to collect your shower water so that all of it does not go down the drain. Simply place a bucket or other container in your shower and collect the water, re-using it for household chores such as cleaning or watering plants.

#4. Rethink bath time.

Instead of relying on frequent tub baths instead take shorter showers. The average tub bath can use up to 24 gallons of water if filled to the rim. Instead of using so much water take a quick 2-3 minute shower which instead uses 2-4 gallons per minute.

#5. Update fixtures.

Next, consider installing low flow shower heads and bathroom fixtures.EPA WaterSense shower heads are environmentally friendly options that were created with water conservation and green living in mind.

#6. Save water in the kitchen.

You can also save water in the kitchen by thawing frozen food in fridge overnight instead of running warm or hot water over it on the day of meal prep. Also, skip running water while washing fresh fruits and veggies. Instead fill up a container or even the sink to limit the amount of water that escapes the faucet.

#7. Smart appliance use.

It can take up to 27 gallons of water to wash your dirty dishes. Instead, load up your dish washer and only wash full loads at a time for the most water and cost savings. It costs same amount of water to wash one dish as it does to run a full load in the dishwasher. Also, consider how you wash your clothes. Keep in mind that you pay twice for your water—once for the water itself and again for heating it. Therefore, limit your washes to cold water only and only use heated water when your clothes are really soiled.

#8 Save water in the yard.

Also do not forget about saving water while performing outdoors activities as well. From washing your car, to cleaning your front porch, to watering your garden there are savvy ways to save water outside that can make a huge difference. For instance, instead of using your garden hose for these activities rely on a 5-gallon bucket instead to wash your car or a watering can for your garden. Also consider simply sweeping debris away from your steps instead of spraying your garden hose.

Lessen the amount of water your household consumes by considering any of the useful water saving tips. You can save water simply—both indoors and outside—by making a few simple changes that can go a long way towards water conservation.

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