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Healthy Tips to Help Busy Moms Relax

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 16, 2018

According to theAmerican Osteopathic Association, yoga offers both physical and mental benefits.

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world; it’s also one of the most demanding.

Helping with homework, cooking healthy meals, cleaning, shuffling the kids around to different activities… Moms rarely ever have a dull moment.

While your kids are your first priority, you also need to make some time for yourself. As the saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy, aint’ nobody happy!” When you’re totally overwhelmed with all the chaos of motherhood, you can’t help but feel short-tempered, impatient, and just cranky.

Flopping on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, a glass of wine, and a TV remote might be a great way to recharge your batteries, this type of relaxing can too often isn’t exactly healthiest. You could end up packing on some pounds, lose muscle mass, and instead of boosting your energy, it could deplete it.

So, what are some healthy things a busy mom can do that will help her relax? Here are some great options to consider!

Take Up Yoga!

If you notice a lot of moms in your circle carrying around yoga mats and touting the benefits of yoga, you should really consider joining them. Yoga is a centuries old practice that provides numerous benefits for busy moms.

According to theAmerican Osteopathic Association, yoga offers both physical and mental benefits, including:

·Improved metabolism

·Weight loss

·Increased cardiovascular health

·Greater flexibility

·Increased strength

·Stress relief


Given all of these advantages, yoga is the perfect way for moms to relax, improve their overall health and well-being, and better juggle the challenges of parenthood. Whether you join a yoga class or you buy a DVD and practice at home, yoga can definitely give you the peace of mind you seek.

Treat Yourself

You work hard for your money, and who do you spend it on? – Your kids! School, sports, music lessons, play dates, outings, clothing… If you’re like most moms, you probably spend most of your money on your kids and seldom buy anything for yourself. Do something nice for yourself, no matter how small the gesture is.

Such activities could be as simple as a meditating and clearing your thoughts while drinking a warm cup of coffee, reading a good book, setting aside an hour towatch a favorite show, or it could even include taking a much deserved power nap. Likewise, you can also treat yourself to something more large-scale such as a relaxing spa day, treating yourself to a piece of jewelry withbeautiful gemstones or going to a nice dinner with friends. This time spent doing something you love is a great way to relax, meditate and feel good all while taking care of you.

Go Floating

No, not in a pool or on a lake; go for a float at a float spa. Flotation therapy has been around for decades, but recently, it has been getting a lot of buzz.

What is flotation therapy? – It involves floating in body temperature water that is saturated with more Epsom salt than the Dead Sea. The density of the water allows you to float effortless. This therapy takes place in a sound-proof, pitch black room, which completely eliminates all of your senses.

BBC News reports that floating provides a number of mental and physical benefits. Since all distractions are completely eliminated, you really have the time to just relax and unwind. You can focus on things in a whole new light. Floating has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It also eases aches and pains, and it enhances muscle recovery. And those are just some of the benefits! If nothing else, you won’t have to hear “Mom!” being shouted 3,452 times a second – which is music to any mother’s ears!

If motherhood has you feeling overwhelmed, try one of these healthy relaxation strategies. You deserve it, mama!

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