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Discover the exquisite beauty Manila, the capital city of Philippines

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 16, 2018

Most of the population adheres to the Catholic religion and you will see it through the churches.

The Philippines is a beautiful country to visit. Its capital Manila stands out the most because of its rich culture. It is a densely populated city with rich history. It has its inception in 1571 and several incidents happened in the city that makes it a home of a great culture. The location of the city is in the eastern side of the Manila Bay. You will see the Passing River flowing through the middle of the city and dividing it into two sections. The city enjoys a tropical savannah climate which makes the place remain hot throughout the year. The city seems more interesting due to the mix of architectural sites. Most of the population adheres to the Catholic religion and you will see it through the churches.

How to reach Manila?

Being the capital city, Manila is well-connected and all its routes are well-maintained. One can easily visit the city via different transportation modes.

Via Air

Manila has its own international airport. So, people can reach the city from all over the world via flight. Anyone can from any part of the country get a direct or sometimes connected flights. If you are travelling from Abu Dhabi or Dubai or from anywhere, you can easily book flights from Abu Dhabi to Manila or from Dubai to Manila.

Via Train

Philippines National Railway does serve in the country and you can reach Manila from the other important cities. Manila has its own metro railway service.

Via Road

Manila is well-connected to all parts of the country. So, it wouldn’t be a problem to reach the city by either a bus or a car.

Places to Visit in Manila:

So now, when you have finally made to the city, there are many things that you can explore, but a few are the ones that will make your trip the best one. Here are those few places you should include in your list.


People also know this place by the name of ‘walled city’. It is the oldest district of the city and preserves much of its history. You can find the historical buildings with the architecture of the past. The Fort Santiago is an important point at this place. The main reflection is of the Spanish era of Manila. A great thing to do is take a ride in a Kalesa or a carriage which helps you get around the place.


Manila had a link to the old trading with the Chinese. You can still feel their presence in this bustling area of the city. You should check out the Seng Guan and Kuang Kong Buddhist temples present in the area. It lights up at evening and presents you with food options.

Manila Baywalk

As we said, Manila is situated by the Manilla Bay. So, to have a look at the beautiful sea you can enjoy some moments in this Baywalk. The design is stunning and it stretches over two kilometers. You will find several food vendors at the place. It looks quite beautiful in the evening and you can spot the locals as well.

Manila Cathedral

The cathedral was first erected in the 16th century. But still then it has got through a lot of harshnesses and it was rebuilt 8 times. The current cathedral is quite beautiful and you get to see the gorgeous stained glass window work done by Galo Ocampo, a Filipino artist.

So, here are some things that you need to know about visiting Manila. The city is very beautiful and everyone should try to visit it. Manila often goes unnoticed but we sore to help you to discover the place.

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