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Should I Add Windows to My Garage Doors

by Editor (editor), , August 14, 2018

Experts at Rockstar Garage Door Services tell us what to pay attention to when deciding whether to go through with it.

For a lot of people, the garage is a kind of a storage area, a place where all those things which we don’t need right now are put away, often in a cluttered fashion.

However, there are people who want their garages to look as good as the rest of their home. Whether it is because you are selling your home, and you need to boost your curb appeal, or you just want the aesthetics for yourself, adding windows to your garage doors might just be the thing you need.

Experts at Rockstar Garage Door Services tell us what to pay attention to when deciding whether to go through with it.

How Old Is Your Garage Door

Garage doors have an expected life cycle. If your door is close to being obsolete and in need of replacement, perhaps it is better to invest in the new door instead of redoing the existing one, only to have to replace it in a year or less.

It can be hard to decide when something like a garage door is ready to expire, but a general rule of thumb is that a good garage door could last you 20 years. However, it depends on the usage, because there are parts which might be more prone to damage, such as the springs, or automatic opening mechanisms.

The Visual Appeal

This is by far the most important reason people decide to update their garage door with windows. In a lot of cases, people who have renovated the outside of their homes want the garage door to match the new look of the home.

And that is what is most important when choosing the new look of your garage door. Make sure that it doesn’t clash with the rest of the house, or no amount of ornamentation and decoration can reconcile that crucial initial mistake.

Some people prefer to consult a decorator to ensure that the decision they are making is the right one, but if you feel confident in what you are doing, you can do this part on your own.

How Much Light Do You Need

Even though a lot of people consider the aesthetic appeal of garage door windows to be the main benefit, it will also change the light patterns in your garage.

If you have windows on your walls, you may not need too much light coming from the door, which enables you to pick smaller or more decorative windows.

If, however, you need more light from the door, chances are that you will need simpler, bigger windows which provide enough light.

Can Your Door Handle the Weight?

Glass can be pretty heavy, and it will certainly add to the weight of your door. Some mechanisms can take the extra weight, others cannot.

The first thing to do is to figure out what kind of a spring mechanism your door uses. You can do that yourself, or you can hire a professional garage door service to do the job for you.

Privacy Concerns

Another big issue to consider when installing garage door windows is privacy. The bigger the window, the more of your garage is visible from the outside. For some people, it is a point of contention and it can lead to abandoning the project altogether.

However, there are simple ways around it. It can be as simple as installing tinted or frosted windows or even go as far as opting for one-way mirrors to protect your privacy and your property. Or you may not have such concerns because the place where you live is safe.

Whatever your reason for installing garage door windows, make sure you go through the process slowly and methodically to avoid any mistakes you might regret later.

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