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The One Renovation That Will Put Money Back In Your Pocket

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 10, 2018

Most home improvements can take a big portion out of your bank account, but only a few will put some money back into it.

If you want to fix up your house and make a solid financial investment, you should replace your windows and entrance doors with energy-efficient versions.

When you upgrade your windows and doors youare guaranteed to conserve energy on cooling or heating the property, shrinking your hydro bills the moment after they are installed. The improvements will stop your air conditioning or heating from seeping through gaps around frames, and they will guard against unwanted drafts trying to force their way inside.

The upgrades make the home’s building envelope tighter and more protected against air leaks, condensation, noise and extreme temperatures — a strong envelope means that the interior is well-guarded against the outdoor environment. You can get the replacement windows and doors from an exceptional company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors — they are committed to helping homeowners save on energy and lower their bills all year round. Their window products are equipped with Warm Edge Spacer and Super Spacer technology to optimize their thermal performance, and they have higher energy ratings than the current standards of Energy Star windows.

If you aren’t sure whether your home is currently wasting cooling and heating energy because of your windows, there are some foolproof ways to double-check. First, look at your hydro bills from the past year and see if they spike during specific times — you will likely see a dramatic change in the winter and summer months when the temperatures are the most extreme. The second thing you should do is a DIY home energy audit to check if drafts are coming in through your windows and doors when they are closed, to prove that air leaks are disrupting your comfort.

On a cool, windy day, light a stick of incense and carefully hold it front of your shut windows and doors — if the smoke moves away from the frame instead of upward towards the ceiling, there is air pushing its way inside of the house. You can always pay for a professional energy audit, but it's an expensive purchase that will result in the same conclusions.

When it comes to home renovations that pay off in the long run and that put money back into the bank, revamped windows and doors are excellent improvements to have on your to-do list. The replacements meet financially savvy factors like being long-lasting, practical and green — these will help you save on spending and eventually profit off of them. It’s also important to remember that they will be enticing benefits for buyers when you finally decide to put your property up for sale.

Another home improvement upgrade that often gets overlooked is water softeners. For many homes across the country, the quality of water in their home is less than desirable. We’re not just talking about drinking water, but rather the hard water that can ruin clothes and make showers feel ‘less clean’ than they need to be. By installing a water softener, you can actually end up saving money down the road from buying many of the treatment products that are used to ‘deal with’ hard water. Check out the best water softener reviews to see which products would make the biggest difference to your home.

Other improvements like open-concept rooms, new kitchen cabinets or bigger bathtubs will look nice in your house, but they won’t do much more than add style. New windows and doors can bring functionality and years-worth of savings to your home while making it look fantastic.

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