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5 Emerging Technologies that are Influencing Nurses Lifestyle

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 09, 2018

The various points where technology can influence and change are well discussed in this article as you read on.

Man’s professions have always been changing with the demand for advancement through inventions of science and technology. The technological improvements and inventions have greatly succeeded and became overwhelming that they impacted on operational and procedural activities of many professions. The medical and health industry is also affected by all of these and with emerging technologies visibly effective and helpful, it has to be adopted. The various points where technology can influence and change are well discussed in this article as you read on.

Electronic Health Record

One of the very important aspects of healthcare provision is to keep records of patients so as to be informed of previous health challenges, ailments and pending treatments. This important aspect is now being affected by a paradigm shift influenced by technology. This particular technology provides better and less cumbersome option because information and records are now computerised and easily accessible by nurses.

Robotics Surgery

Surgery and other medical and health procedures are known to be carried out by experts and surgeons in an operating room. However, technology has influenced medical activities such that surgery can be done through computerised robots that are well-programmed to understand surgical operations. They will be in the operating rooms with experts and help them avoid costly mistakes that can result into severe and terrible situations and complications. This technology is expected to be productive and effective for healthcare practices when eventually adopted. This has influenced the nursing lifestyle and profession that is saddled with the work now to be handled by computerised robots.

Portable Medical Devices

The pattern of making diagnosis to determine and know the health problems of patients is definitely changing soon. This is due to the change brought by technology. The emerging improvement to diagnosis of patients at hospitals is the use of portable and hand-held medical devices. These devices will be an effective technology in nursing and the whole medical sector as a whole. The medical devices can also aid and help nurses and other medical personnel in the tests of different kinds. The device is expected to provide fast diagnosis and test with better accuracy and precision than the previous and present method.

Telemedicine Practitioners and Consultants

The telemedicine practice is proofing to be a trend that is emerging in most climes and can be sustained. The internet has sustained lots of websites and blogs that offer service to readers and followers. Recently some blogs and Tv programs have focused attention on providing the needed medical consultation to people right from their various devices, platforms and on television channels. Study shows that this trend is beginning to have effects on the willingness of people viewing the hospital as the first place to get medical consultation. It is happening but still largely unpopular with many developing countries yet to key into the trend.

New Health Occupation

Presently, there are many medical and health workers known to be responsible for different kinds of services in the hospital. However, there may be need to have a completely new set of occupations with as a response to most of the above mentioned technological influence on the medical sector. Health information is now an important part of medicine and this may require people to handle in the recent future.

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