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The Ultimate Guide to Design the Perfect Employee Uniforms

by johnkelvin318 (writer), , August 08, 2018

Keep on reading to discover some basic guidelines for designing stylish and functional employee uniforms.

No matter what type of business you run, things will run a lot more smoothly if you impose a work uniform. While there are certain industries where uniforms are mandatory, other industries are more permissive with the workwear. However, in any industry a uniform can bring numerous benefits. It helps the employees perform their tasks more efficiently, it creates a feeling of unity and equality within a team, and it makes your employees look more professional and trustworthy in front of your customers. However, in order for a uniform to bring you all these benefits, it needs to be designed according to the requirements of your business. So, keep on reading to discover some basic guidelines for designing stylish and functional employee uniforms.

Functionality is essential

A good uniform should allow your employees to perform all their tasks with ease. As such, the first step in designing a functional uniform is to consider the tasks that your employees perform daily, and choose a uniform design that would not only allow them to easily perform their tasks, but which could also improve their work efficiency. For example, if your employees deal with fire, you should opt for non-flammable materials. If your employees carry a lot of things with them, opt for a uniform with pockets and compartments that would allow them to easily carry their necessities.

Consider the working environment

First of all, consider the temperature and the humidity present in the work environment, and opt for fabrics in which your employees would feel comfortable. For example, for the employees that work in hot and humid environments, opt for natural fibers like cotton which allow the skin to breath and which do a great job absorbing humidity. For employees that work in cold environments, opt for thick fibers that retain heat. Moreover, consider the vibe of the working environment. For example, choose casual uniforms if you run a diner or a fast-food place, and choose elegant uniforms if you run a luxurious restaurant. For office environments, choose elegant uniforms, but give your employees a few choices, so that they don’t feel constricted to wear clothes than don’t suit them.

Always opt for branded uniforms

Branded uniforms are a great way to improve the reputation of your business. Even if your employees don’t work directly with customers, they probably still have contact with suppliers or other business partners, and they will look a lot more professional in branded uniforms. Branding is a little challenging in elegant environments, but there are ways around this problem. For example, branded shirts are a little too common, and can sometimes look cheap. However, you can always choose branded ties for the men and scarves for the women. For quality custom scarves and ties go to On this website you will find a wide variety quality ties and scarves that you can customize with your business logo or slogan.

Don’t make quality compromises

We already mentioned how certain fabrics can help your staff perform their tasks better. However, there are many other quality considerations aside from the fabrics. The stitching, the dyes and the prints can all affect the quality of a uniform. As such, buy from reputable manufacturers, and make sure to choose uniforms that can be cleaned with minimum effort. If the uniforms need to be cleaned with harsh chemicals, opt for fabrics that are resistant to those chemicals. This is particularly important for industries that must abide by high sanitary requirements, like the healthcare or the food industry.

Use the uniforms for organizational purposes

By ordering different uniforms for employees with different responsibilities, you can considerably improve the organization of your business. Use different colors for members of different teams, or for employees with different clearances, so that you and other managers can quickly locate the staff that you need or to notice if certain staff members are walking into unauthorized areas.

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