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by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 08, 2018

We’re going to tell you eightsuch jobs which won’t bind you to that desk and computer screen of yours.

Tired of waking up to the same 7 O’clock alarm, reaching the same office at 9, working in the same environment until 7 and this repeating the routine every day? A desk job is not only dangerous for your body but for your mind too. We get confined to the ‘corporate environment’ and miss out many great things in life. Life is more than 9-7 desk job. It is about new experiences, learning new cultures, exploring new places and evolving yourself continuously.

We’re going to tell you eightsuch jobs which won’t bind you to that desk and computer screen of yours. Now you can mix up the work & the leisure.

Airline & Commercial Pilot

Well, if Superman didn’t make the flying look cool, they sure did. The uniform, the personality, the respect, it’s tremendous. Choose this profession at the right age,and you would see the world from an eagle’s eye.

It’s a perfect profession for gallivants, has a handsome salary, and you would get to fly an airplane. Visiting new places & interacting with a new world on a daily basis is something to look forward too as well.

Construction Manager

If you’re someone who likes core and technical work and yet not fond of a typical 9-6 job, this one is for you! Construction manager supervises the construction activities and is mostly on-site, under the sky.

The projects go on from 1 year to 10 years (depending on the nature of the project) and then the construction manager moves to a new location. You would get to see new places, don’t have to sit in office the entire day and of course, building a structure has learning opportunities of its own. It’s far away from a boring, mundane job.

Environmental Engineer

If you loved science in school, this one is for you. Environmental engineers are usually outdoors conducting studies on hazardous materials.

It’s all about recycling, public health, wastewater management and of course, saving the environment. Finding ways to minimize global warming, effects of acid rain, ozone depletion and rectifying automobile emission is a part of their job.

Filmmaker/ Cinematographer

Depending on your interest, you can go for wildlife, or horror, or romance, or any other genre you like. With the internet reaching every household, this business is growing rapidly. There are various web channels where you can release your film.

Filmmaking would take you outdoors, you would get to meet a lot of creative people,andit will give your life whole new experiences.


Aquaman fan? As a hydrologist, you would be studying water from different sources, visiting new locations to collect samples andevaluating the differencesthat nature and environment cause to water. With rising water scarcity, this is a very important job.


If you love the camera and shooting random stuff, then this one for you. Photography is one of the fastest growing professions in India. Be it the first birthday or a retirement party; people want to capture every moment. You would be earning well, attending parties and meeting strangers. This is one great job for a gypsy soul.

Insurance Agent

Insurance plans are one of the essential instruments in everyone’s financial lives. Be it term policy or health insurance every individual should have access to these. Insurance will also include motor and other commercial insurance. However, it is the individual plans that needs most intervention from experts.

If you choose to be an insurance or financial advisor, chances are you will find yourself spending a lot of time with others. Advising, building relations and long-term friendships are common in this field of work.

Sales Manager

If you’re a people’s person, then this job is for you. In a good company or college, you would be taught people skills and the art of reading body language. Not only will this help you in your professional life, but in your personal life too.

You would have a team to look after and meet your targets, but you also would be visiting important clients, companies, shops, individual depending on the product. Interacting with new people every day would give you great exposure.

If you love outdoors but have built your career around a desk-job, you can still think of adopting to some of these roles. For example, as life insurance advisor you need not be a full time agent, photography also offers the similar experience.

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