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Some Essential Tips to Build Business Brand On Instagram

by Editor (editor), , August 03, 2018

It is important for you to know the basics on how to promote your brand on this platform regularly to grab attention and more targeted traffic for your business.

Instagram is a social media platform that is based on visuals, and it is one of the top social media channels to attract traffic and improve lead conversions for your business! If you are a business owner, you can use this platform to establish your brand voice on Instagram successfully. It is important for you to know the basics on how to promote your brand on this platform regularly to grab attention and more targeted traffic for your business.

However, if you are new to Instagram, the following tips will help you to establish your brand:

Creation of visual consistency

When you are using Instagram for building your brand, it is recommended you should use the same filter consistently. Top brands in the USA use the same filter when they post their pictures or images on the platform. There is a good reason to follow this. Social media experts say that when you use the same filter to post your pictures, you will find that your brand becomes recognizable to many people. This will save their time scrolling to look for you. If you use the same filter, they can recognize you faster. Once they start to scroll down their social media feeds, they will be able to identify you faster.

Choose the subject matter wisely

When you are selecting a theme, ensure that it is relevant to your brand. You should choose the topic that appeals to your audience. Your posts will focus on that content that highlights its brand. For example, if you are a restaurant, you should post pictures of the food that is cooked at your restaurant. If you deal with clothes, taking photos of your designs and sharing them on Instagram will promote your brand and products. It is evident here that you must post pictures that are associated with your brand or product.

Stay honest and genuine with your audience

Most business owners make the common mistake of copying other brands in their business niche. For example, if you are dealing with a clothesline, mimicking the Instagram strategy of Coca-Cola will not fetch you the success you are looking for. It is imperative for you to stay honest with your audience. You should stay and connect with your audience. Find out what they like and know what their expectations are. You should be aware where to tap into their interests and check what is working for your business. You should gauge what your audience needs by checking other social media networks. Check the type and nature of the content that your audience likes to share on social media platforms. Focus on posting related content. Also, check how they interact with other brands so that you can get valuable insights on them.

Be creative

When it comes to Instagram, always ensure that you are creative. You can take a good picture and later add a filter and then post it on your profile. However, when you are doing the above, remember that you need to click a picture that grabs attention. Instagram is no longer new, and it has matured to a large extent when it comes to social media platforms. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you pay attention to some extensive details so that your targeted audience quickly clicks on the post.

Create the right caption

When you are posting on Instagram, it is essential for you to capture the right caption for your posts. The trick here is that you should capture content that is visual. The caption will be a bonus as it will tell the story with every photo. When you post a good caption, you can tell your audience a story. This will help you to expand on the image, and the followers will be attracted to your corporate message. Take some time to create brief captions that speak volumes about your brand. This will also help you to get real Instagram likes for your post.

Make the best use of video and photo albums

When you are using Instagram for brand building, ensure that you make the best use of photo images and albums. Instagram gives you the scope of adding ten videos and photographs to a single post. This gives users and visitors the opportunity to go through them and see the individual piece of content that you have shared. This provides you with the chance and the opportunity to see the particular source of content. The albums have the target to help businesses combine the power of video and photos. Here, storytelling becomes simple. You can convey information in a highly engaging way to your targeted audience.

The posts become interactive

With the aid of Instagram Stories, you can generate and drive the business you want. With the help of Instagram Stories you effectively can take creative risks. This helps you to create photos and videos that grab attention.

Identifying influencers

It is crucial for you to determine social media influencers that are highly relevant to your industry or brand. With the aid of them, you can establish a successful relationship. You can make use of guest posts from them and return the favor. This can be beneficial for you as they will start sharing your brand with their community. Some influencers might charge you a petty sum for the services they render. However, it is worth it for you. It will help small to medium scale businesses to grow.

Last but not the least, it is important for you to create a branded hashtag and add it to your Instagram brand. You can embrace a common choice of words or a style for your captions. This hashtag will embody your brand and encourage followers to share photos and videos of your business. This branded hashtag works effectively for the success of your business.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways and means to establish and build your business via Instagram, ensure that you follow the above tips. Instagram is an effective social media platform, and you can get many followers from here if you manage to promote your brand smartly!

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