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Let the Sneakers Sneak-Peak into Your Shoe Rack

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , August 01, 2018

Sneakers were never worn for fashion. Yeah, I totally agree to you. But if sneakers can stylize them, why not embrace it!

What’s the newest fashion trend? I’ve heard that the sneakers are quite in these days. Have you heard that too?

Well, that’s true. However much you have underestimated sneakers in the past, please stop it right here. It is time that you make home for them.

You see, last Sunday I noticed a teen girl on the road. At first, I found her a bit quirky. She was wearing an LBD with white sneakers. I thought ‘Is this girl crazy!’ Well, later when in I went back home and reflected on her attire, I felt that it was quite off beat. However, she was looking absolutely a spunk!

Imagine, a little black dress paired up with white sneakers! Definitely, it will catch million eyes!

If you feel that I have gone crazy, just take a look in the internet.

Trust me, the whole Instagram fashion is revolving around the designer and normal sneakers. So, if you have to look like out of the world or if you desire to stand out of the crowd, hurry! You can buy sneakers for women from Luisaviaroma which is a perfect option for buying such cool stuff.

Now, one thought may come into your mind.

Out of so many shoes, why sneakers!

Yes, there are flats, bellies, wedges, stilettos, boots, sandals, etc. and these are quite fashionable. But sneakers were never worn for fashion.

Yeah, I totally agree to you. But if sneakers can stylize them, why not embrace it!

Wearing sneakers have a lot of advantages.


Whenever you buy any shoe, what’s your first criterion that you look for? Of course, it is the comfort. Be it shoes or dresses, staying comfortable is the ultimatum.

When it comes to reaching an optimal level of comfort, none can beat the sneakers. Its soft padding all over the feet does not allow to hurt your feet at all circumstances.

You hop and skip and jump. Sneakers allow you all.


Another great feature that makes sneakers the best of the lot is the support that it provides. While you are engaged in strenuous activities like running, playing, etc. sneakers give support to your feet.

Wearing sneakers for women, you do not fear the risk of getting injured.

Besides, there are some special sneakers for the flat-footed ones. People with flat foot have a tendency to fall off easily. Sneakers prevent you from falling.


Sneakers, especially the mesh ones are breathable. The air passes through the mesh, thereby allowing your feet to get adequate air.

It is really important for the feet to breathe. Otherwise, the feet soaked in sweat develop the growth of fungi or bacteria. Ultimately, your feet starts smelling.


Another wonderful characteristic of sneakers is its versatility. Today, you can wear sneaker to any and every occasion. Be it your office, casual meetings, and even a party, sneakers are quite in these days.

It was said that you could sneak up on anyone wearing sneakers. Thereon, there came the name ‘sneakers’. Not that you want to sneak every time, but you definitely want to look the trendiest.

So here are six different types of sneakers that can fill your wardrobe.

  • Plimsoll sneaker

This is the most famous amongst all. It is comfortable, simple design and yet so high-fashioned. You can pair it with all types of dresses. It is best to have more than on and obviously of two different shades.

  • Slip-ons

This is just another version of the Plimsoll without the lace. It is easy to wear. You will look extremely stylish when you pair it up with just casuals. It is recommended that you experiment these sneakers of various color codes and with a lot of casuals.

  • Athletic kicks

As the name suggests, the athletic kicks are for those who want to add style yet look sporty. The athletic shoes are the ones that attract people the most. Plan to buy it this fall if you haven’t already.

  • Classic canvas converse sneaker

Well, if you look for conventional sneakers, this is it! These are a bit raised up till the ankle. It goes best with the ankle length denims.

  • Adidas original superstar sneaker

If you are a lover of Adidas, you are sure to love this Superstar series of sneakers. They are still the trendiest and gel well with all kinds of outfits.

  • High top basketball sneaker

These shoes are raised till the ankle. Wearing it imparts a modern and classy look. The high ankle is balanced with the flat sole.

So how are you planning to stylize your sneakers?

Well, there are a variety of sneakers. But choosing the right one for a particular outfit is a bit of a tough job.

If you notice it is a summer season or spring, you can definitely opt for the fabric sneakers.

For slip-ons, shorts or crop tops are a good match. Choose some bright colors that will complement your dress. For accessorizing, team the whole getup with a pair of sunglasses and bags. Choose large accessories to add volume to your whole attire.

A high-fashioned option for high top sneakers is the black blazer. If you want a swag look or need to bring some attitude in your personality, pair up the high top sneakers with either leather skirts or leather pants.

Sneakers and ripped jeans go hand in hand. Choose loose fitted tank top on top of ripped jeans. Finally, complete the look with casual Plimsoll sneakers.

Have you ever thought of pairing pink sneakers with a full on black outfit? If not, start making arrangements for it right now! This can perhaps be the most unconventional outfit that you can ever think of.

Further, if you are wearing white jeans, surly team it up with a black pair of sneakers. The contrast in colors always looks better.

Then, if you are a bit bold, you can choose same colors for your scarf and for the sneaker. For instance, if you pick up a red scarf, your sneakers should be red too.

Concluding statement

If you have not yet tried out sneakers, make it fast. Stop thinking sneakers to be backdated. They are no more limited only to specific purposes.

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