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6 Reasons why you should let your child play video games

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , July 30, 2018

Here are some of the reasons that aptly describe how video games can be a good friend to your child's overall skill growth.

Let us agree to the fact that when it comes to video games, it always holds a bad reputation amidst the parents. It is always associated with a practice that simply wastes time by disengaging the child from his/her studies. While some of it might be true, controlled exposure to video games might be beneficial for your kid.

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Here are some of the reasons that aptly describe how video games can be a good friend to your child's overall skill growth.

1-Coordination Improvement

When someone, whether it is an adult or a child, works his ways to achieve a goal while dodging off the bullets or obstacles in the game, it tends to increase coordination. Video games provide ample brain stimulation that helps the nerves function together following a pattern which leads to rendering a coordinated move in all aspects which includes audio-visual as well as physical movement.

2-Skills for solving problems

Almost every video game involves a certain set of rules and regulations that are necessary to be followed while playing the game. The player needs to win the game while adhering to all the rules and regulations. This brings out the brain's skills for solving problems in a way that is similar to experiencing real-life issues with determination to hop on to the next level.

3-Better Memorization

Getting to the higher ranks in a video game requires one to be engaged both visually as well as audibly. The player needs to remember each rule, every move, obstacles, useful keys, and many more to win the game. This enhances the memorizing capacity of the children better than before whether is it the short-term memorization or long-term.

4-Your children learn a lot

The benefits of gaming aren't just restricted to children; it is equally beneficial to adults as well. Many educational institutions have been incorporating the methodologies followed by video games to achieve better results when it comes to teaching their children real-life skills or increasing the capability to solve any problem.

5-Makes the brain faster

When it comes to the world of gaming, faster reflexes are everything. You need to catch up in time, or else you are dead in the virtual world. The real world also works similarly. Either you catch up with the crowd, or you fail. Video games work out the brain to react faster than normal. According to a research, the children who play these games for at least 1 hour every day tend to process things and calculations faster than an average child who has been deprived of the benefits of playing a video game. The game stimulates the nerves to work in a faster way when it comes to sending messages from one synapse to another.

6-Improved social skills with multitasking capability

Online games are comprised of players from different parts of the world that compete or work together to win a game. This enhances the social skills of your child leading to a better connection with friends or peers in real life. Your child develops meaningful and better relationships with the help of constant communication that comes from playing video games.

Apart from that, video games are also great to enhance your child's multitasking skills. This is because your child needs to pitch his focus on the keys as well as the screen. Parents also help them to increase their skills by purchasing necessary games item using Runescape Gold. This allows his brain to concentrate on two things at a time while devising a plan to defeat the opponent or break-free from the puzzle. Video games open up the best potential for a player to observe and then react to the circumstances in an appropriate mannerism.

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