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6 Good Kitchen Habits to Develop

by Editor (editor), , July 26, 2018

Here are some good and simple kitchen habits that will make your life that much better:

The kitchen is the most important room in the house because it is where you make meals for your family. Whether you realize it or not, your habits can make or break your day. The more good habits you incorporate into your day, the easier your life will become. Here are some good and simple kitchen habits that will make your life that much better:

Wipe Surfaces Regularly

This task is easy to do, but it will make a big difference in your feelings whenever you walk into the kitchen. When cleaning the surfaces of your kitchen becomes a daily habit, you will find it easier to clean other areas of the kitchen to match these clean surfaces. After all, do you want to spend most of your time moving things around to wipe down your surfaces once a week?

Make sure that you only take out the things that you intend to use daily to keep your surfaces clear. It is a good habit if you can also hide the things that you need daily in easily accessible cupboards if you want to keep the kitchen surfaces clear. And to avoid overcrowding your kitchen, you should invest in small appliances because compact kitchen appliances can keep the kitchen tidy.

Wash Dishes before Bed

After you finish eating your dinner, you should remove all the dishes from the table and set your dishwasher. When attached to things that you already do, new habits will be much easier to form. If you make a habit of tidying up after dinner, you will also find it easier to start doing the dishes before bed.

If you do not own a dishwasher, you can use your hands to clean the dishes as soon as you finish your meals. Waking up to a clean kitchen is the best way to start your morning, especially if you are always rushing to get to work.

Put Things Away

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find something when you need it most. It increases stress and leads to time wastage, but you can avoid this by putting things back after you use them. If you want your kitchen to work like a well-oiled machine, you should have specific places for specific items.

Once you assign a space for everything, you should ensure that you put things back after you use them. This will help you to keep your kitchen in order without even trying.

Empty the Bin Daily

You should invest in a small kitchen bin to ensure that you empty it regularly. If you have a large bin, you might be tempted to wait until it fills up before you empty it. Kitchen bins give off a foul smell, and you do not want that stench to linger overnight.

Do you have a sensitive nose? You definitely do not want to smell last night’s food in the kitchen bin when you wake up. Make sure that you empty the bin every evening before bed so that you can start afresh on the next day. Moreover, who wants to spend time in the morning looking sorting a full bin?

Freeze What You Can

You should use your freezer to store more food items to prevent them from going bad. If you have a chest freezer, you can freeze even more food to keep it fresh longer. Most people underestimate their freezers, but they come in handy for food storage and transform the way most kitchens work.

Whenever possible, you cook double portions of food and freeze half of it. Doing so will allow you to come home to a fresh home-cooked meal even on days that you do not feel like cooking. This habit saves money and prevents you from ordering unhealthy fast food on your lazy days: instead of ordering a pizza when you do not feel like cooking; you can just defrost the home-cooked meal in your freezer.

Place New Items behind the Old Ones

Whenever you go shopping, you should make sure that you put your new groceries behind the old ones and keep them together. When you do this, you will see what you have and use the old items before they go bad. More importantly, you will save on money by using all the groceries that you purchase.

In the same vein, you should check the expiry dates on items regularly. If you forget to take out the expired things, including tinned goods and spices, you will end up using them. When you check expiry dates often, you will be able to plan your meals around the food items that you need to eat first, which prevents wastage.

Developing the above kitchen habits will keep your space clean and help you to save money. Moreover, if you are always busy, some of these habits will save on time.

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