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What to Look for in an Ideal Candidate Interviewing for a Job Opening

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , July 17, 2018

The qualities that you should look for in a candidate interviewing for a job opening are the following.

Finding the ideal candidate varies immensely depending on the job position as well as the industry. Hiring the right person can result in a profitable employee for the company for years to come. Failure to hire the right person can lead to a poor fit or a hire that leaves the company with their first job offer. Employee retention correlates with profitability as new hires need to be trained and it can take weeks for them to become profitable. Quality hires becoming a trend will help make the company better in a variety of ways. The qualities that you should look for in a candidate interviewing for a job opening are the following.


The perfect resume can be enough to land an interview and applicants understand this. Lack of attention to detail in a resume can be considered a microcosm of lack of detail in other portions of the person’s daily work. Errors in grammar and spelling then listing detail-oriented as a strength is a red flag. Finding the right resume template or cover letter generator is only an internet search away, so lacking these is not acceptable.

Job experience is clearly important but so are promotions that the applicant has earned at previous jobs. Keeping a job for a number of years indicates a decent performance for an extended period. Being promoted means extended periods of above average to great work performance. Ask for sales numbers or other KPIs that they have attained at their other places of employment.

The references an applicant has can tell a true story of the work ethic and quality of the professional. Names that mean something in certain industries or thought leaders giving their endorsement of a former employee should help immensely. Make sure to call these references to confirm and follow up as some applicants have faked references without detection.

Success in Other Areas of Their Life

An applicant that has excelled in other areas outside of their professional life like that of sports or volunteer organizations can have a lot to offer. There are those that accept mediocrity while others like to do everything to the best of their ability. The people who have held leadership positions in churches, volunteer groups, or other organizations show the ability to lead and communicate with others as well. This also demonstrates their ability to get along with others so they will be a good culture fit.

College athletes can be great people to hire as they have worked in a team environment. Practices are truly grueling once athletes make it to the collegiate level. A former student-athlete that also had impressive grades throughout college has shown incredible discipline. The workload between practice, class, and having a social life is far too much for an undisciplined individual.

Versatile in Their Skills

Excelling at a variety of jobs shows a solid work ethic and overall intelligence. A person who can be sent to the marketing department and write product copy then help close sales later in the week can be a Swiss army knife of production. Startups especially need to hire these types of applicants as the needs in a startup can change from month to month. Hiring too fast for a startup can kill cash flow so a potential employee that can be put in multiple roles per month can help reduce hiring in the company’s beginning stages.


The business world is constantly evolving, so the ability to adapt comes at a premium. Processes need to be optimized when possible to increase the productivity of a department as a whole. A person that resists these types of changes cannot only be bad for morale but lead the employees to start questioning the decisions management have thought out extensively. Those people who can be relocated to another department without missing a beat are the perfect candidates. Take the time to ask some questions about how the interviewee deals with chang,e and you will be able to tell if they are as adaptable as they can be.

Finding the perfect candidate for a job will take a lot more than a gut feeling. Instead, research the person. Take the time to do this as this person will be an investment for the company so hiring them should be treated as so.

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