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Things You Should Know Before Entering University

by Editor (editor), , July 16, 2018

Here are some of the things that you should know before you enter university.

Your experience at the university might not be exactly how you may imagine it before you enter campus. While you could still be having a restrictive lessons’ schedule, you still enjoy the benefits that come with living at your parent’s home before you join the university. For instance, maybe all you needed is to say, I need help to get my homework done and your parent or relative lends you a hand. You also don’t have to worry about daily practicalities like finance and cooking. But, once you enter university, things will change. You have to know what you will eat and how to complete academic work. If you are not prepared, this can be a shock to you.

Essentially, it helps to be prepared for a different life when you enter university. Don’t just make the decision on the university to enroll for and wait to join the institution on the reporting date. Instead, take time to conduct some research to know how life at the university is for new students. Here are some of the things that you should know before you enter university.

Laundry and Food

This is one of the things that characterize the transition from a school to a university. But, for the conscientious types that do this in their parental homes, this is usually not a problem. However, it is a shock for students that are used to enjoying meals prepared by their parents. For such people, they need to learn the basic recipes during summer or before they enter university. For instance, you may consider learning to prepare spaghetti Bolognese. This is one of the meals that you can prepare for a large group of people. Jacket potatoes and scrambled eggs are also ideal meals to consider when you need an easy and quick meal to prepare. They are also nutritious. It is also important that you learn to wash clothes before you enter university if you are used to having somebody else do this for you. This is particularly important if you will be joining a university at a distant place where you may not make a trip home to do your laundry there.

You May Need a Decent Laptop

You will need a laptop or computer more often during your time at the university. That’s because you will have to type assignments, make notes, and email tutors your assignments. You may also need a computer or laptop to catch up with your friends and favorite programs. What’s more, you might need a laptop to make some cash by taking up writing jobs from home. These are some of the things that make a laptop necessary for a university student. Basically, you don’t want to be the only university student that waits for friends to be done using their laptops so that you can borrow it to type your assignment. Therefore, make arrangements to have your own laptop before you enter university and back up everything in it.

Student Loan Won’t Last as Long as You Think

Student loan will cover your accommodation’s bulk costs if not all. Nevertheless, it will definitely not stretch to your daily essentials like laundry, food, and toiletries. It will also not stretch to things like night outs, eating out, and going to the movies. Basically, you will have more expenses than your student loan can cater for. Living at the university is expensive and food alone will prove to be unexpectedly costly. Therefore, if you can, get a job during summer or before you enter university and save some money. The money that you save before you enter university will particularly provide invaluable support during your time at the learning institution. What’s more, working during the holiday is a good idea because it enables you to have a good CV. If possible, get a job with an employer that can take you back during university holidays so that you can earn more before the semester that follows.

You can Have Your Stuff Nicked from the Communal Areas

This is a sad fact that you should bear in mind. Some students will never respect your stuff at the university. Therefore, know that your stuff may get nicked, broken or used in the communal areas. Some of your things may go missing while you will find others broken in the sink. A chocolate mousse, for instance, can vanish mysteriously from a shared fridge no matter how much you have been craving for it. These incidents will be disheartening and they can raise tensions that may lead to unpleasant fallouts. However, they won’t be worth losing your friends over if you are prepared. Be sensible and look after your stuff. For instance, if you take your cooking utensils to the university, store them inside your room. Label your crockery and cutlery if you leave it in a shared space.

Be Ready to Equip Your Space for Entertainment

You will make friends with ease if you have what it takes to equip your room with entertainment appliances. Some of the things that you may need for this include iPod speakers, cutlery, crockery, drinks, mugs and a kettle. To ensure that you don’t annoy people in your flat, play music at a good level.

These are some of the things that you should know before you enter university. With this knowledge, you can start your career at the university in comfort and style. You will also find your time at the university interesting and better.

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