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10 great worktop materials for traditional kitchens

The elegant and formal look and characteristics of a traditional kitchen makes it a go-to option for period features as well, as seen in a lot of modern homes.

A lot of people may confuse a traditional kitchen with a Country or old-world décor kitchen. While all three styles involve a lot of classic and warm elements, they differ in terms of colours. While golds and brighter blues are often found in Country and Retro style kitchens, a traditional kitchen style generally involves the use of soft and muted colours such as whites, creams, greens, pale blue and even greys.
Besides period homes, traditional kitchens are a very popular option for modern homes too. As the worktop is one of the most important elements of any kitchen, requires more consideration as you would need to know which are the materials that not only have great aesthetics, but that also perform according to your needs.

In terms of materials, traditional products such as marble, granite, quartzite, limestone and slate; are commonly used across a wide range of designs in both residential properties and commercial establishments and further to it, they have been used across different civilizations which prove the natural sturdiness and durability of stone in the use of worktops. The last few decades have been particularly exciting when it comes to stones that can be used in the kitchen as the latest technological breakthroughs have given place to new man-made products that have revolutionized the world of interiors. Also, and most recently, there is a new breed of sinterized porcelain, ultracompact materials and ceramics that can be used as indoor or outdoor worktops which can maintain continuity in design to match your classic interiors and exterior.
If you are searching for the best kitchen worktop materials for a traditional kitchen, one of these popular products may do the trick.

1. Cambria Brittanicca
A material that looks like marble but that comes with improved physical characteristics such as non-porosity, resistance to high temperatures and extreme resistance to stains - Cambria Brittanicca Quartz. The majestic and grand design of thick grey veins with golden tints is thoroughly checked individually by the team at Cambria Quartz. Cambria is made in the USA and family run. Cambria’s owners display their British Heritage through a collection of impeccable quartz surface designs that look artistic and of very high quality. along with the multitude of colours will enhance the looks of any traditional kitchen.

2. Compac Unique Calacatta
Compac Unique Calacatta has the natural look of marble and better technical benefits. Made from 96% pure quartz crystals bonded with raw minerals and polymer resins, the material can be kept pristine by using a window cleaning spray and kitchen cloth. Unique Calacatta is one of the first and best versions of Calacatta Quartz in the market that comes with an available manufacturers’ warranty of 33 years by registering in Compac’s website within 30 days of purchase. This is a beautiful quartz worktop material that has grey veins with delicate tints of golden on top of a white background to suit traditional as well as modern spaces.

3. Silestone Iconic White
White is one of the most popular options when it comes to traditional kitchen that aim to transmit a timeless look. Silestone Iconic White can gel with traditional elements and is highly functional. The material contains approximately 95% quartz and comes with exclusive anti-bacterial protection as well as N-Boost, a new treatment that further protects worktops from stains by acting as a liquid repellent. Iconic White comes with an available manufacturers’ warranty of 25 years by registering in Silestone’s website within 30 days of purchase.

4. Dekton Aura
Dekton is a new ultra-compact surface brand by Cosentino, manufacturers of Silestone. The Dekton range offers a wide range of durable, hygienic, and easy to care for compact surfaces that can be used indoors as well as outdoors as they can take extreme heat and UV rays without altering nor fading in colour.
Dekton Aura is a popular colour for traditional kitchen designs, as it comes with a pure white background with striking combination of veins in grey which resemble the popular Calacatta marble. Aura comes in standard as well as in book-matched patterns that allows you to create great designs in splashbacks and islands which are great features to display classic beauty in traditional kitchens.

5. Neolith Estatuario
The Size, one of the world’s most popular sintered porcelain surface manufacturers, has won several awards over the years for the creation of Neolith Estatuario which was launched in 2010. Available in six different variations of veining, the stone is inspired from the popular Italian Statuario marble and offers exceptional physical characteristics. Estatuario is a sintered porcelain material that can be used in interiors and exteriors. It comes in Silk finish which will suit many classic kitchens, as well as in a Polished finished which is a favourite amongst architect and interior designers.

6. Silestone Miami White
Silestone Miami White is made from 95% pure quartz, offers N-Boost treatment and a 25 years available manufacturers’ warranty as seen on all quartz products from Silestone. The timeless appeal of the stone combined with its ultra-resistance and durability allows it to keep up with any kind of decor and most challenging of applications. Miami White is a worktop material with neutral appeal that can be combined with marble and terrazzo tiles, concrete or any other product and material used in traditional building and period features.

7. Bianco Eclipse Quartzite
Combined with the natural beauty of marble and technical characteristics of granite materials, Bianco Eclipse Quartzite is natural stone that has becomes very popular over the last few years. Quartzite is a natural stone that won’t etch as it lacks calciferous elements seen in marble. This allows the stone to be suited as a preferred material in the construction of traditional and classic kitchens. Quartzite can be denser than granite which makes it super-strong and resistant to impact and chips. Bianco Eclipse comes in white-grey to off-white backgrounds and features big and small grey veins which look unique and stylish. As with any natural stone, each Bianco Eclipse quartzite slab is unique, and you can choose the one that reflects your personal style or one that suits best the character of the property.

8. Carrara Marble
Quarried in Carrara, Italy, Bianco Carrara Marble is one of the popular natural stone in the world. Used by the Romans, Greeks; used in statues and monuments; classic hotels and restaurants and in the very best classic homes, this is a timeless stone that improves its appearance over the years, creating a unique patina that reflects the use and style of its owners. Carrara marble is widely appreciated for its beauty and timeless appeal as well as for it affordability, contrary to popular belief. Increasing number of modern surfaces are inspired from this marble.

9. Caesarstone Rugged Concrete
Worktops that look like real concrete have grown in popularity over the last few years in the UK as they allow homeowners and designers to create the type of ambient that was never possible before. The new breed of quartz, porcelain and ceramic worktops allow If you are looking for one such worktop material, then Caesarstone Rugged Concrete can be a great option. The quartz surface is highly versatile and can be used in traditional, modern, aged and industrial spaces.

10. Dekton Zenith
Dekton Zenith from the brands Solid Collection is a homogenous white surface made from sintered products to offer enhanced colour consistency. The material adds the right amount of tranquillity and calm to any space. Apart from indoor, it is also ideal for a host of outdoor applications.

Dekton Zenith is an ideal product when working to create for modern and minimalistic designs and themes in interior rooms and in gardens, patios, staircases and floors.

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