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6 Incredible Steps That Can Give Your Freelancing Aspiration

by Editor (editor), , July 14, 2018

Freelancing is one interesting yet challenging job. You need to get the hang of it before venturing out. Here’re 6 steps to kick-start your career as a freelancer.

Have you just completed your graduation and looking for a job that allows you to both continue with higher studies and earn? Or in case you’re done with the monotony of 9 to 5 job culture, and looking for something that can allow you to work independently, then freelancing certainly is your cup of tea. But, you need to know certain things before venturing out.

Even though freelancing comes with a misconception that it isn’t really a full-time job, and there’s income uncertainty and the likes, but then it’s only a misconception at the end of the day. If you’ve decided to make a successful career out of freelancing, then you are probably in need o expert suggestions. Simply follow these incredibly helpful steps and kick-start your freelancing career with a bang.

Step 1 -Be very clear and confident about your goals and aspirations

First things first; if you are deciding to leave your desk job, you need to be clear and confident about your goals and aspirations.

Ask yourself whether you’re ready for it. Once the path is chosen and goals decided, you shouldn’t bother taking a step ahead.

Step 2 – Know what intrigues you and choose a career accordingly

Freelancing is indeed a wide domain. It offers jobs belonging to almost all sectors. From content writing to freelance photography; from tutoring to developing a mobile app, freelancing offers a plethora of job opportunities.

So, once you are ready to do freelancing for the rest of your life, it’s time for you rediscover your talent, know your creative inclinations and find out a job that can help you earn accolades and a decent salary at the same time.

Step 3 – Now it’s time for you to locate your target audience

Once you are done following up with the two preliminary steps, it’s time for you to know and locate your target audience accordingly. For instance, if you are about to start a career as a freelance travel photographer, then you may monitor all behaviorism of people interested in travelling and exploring new places. Social media platform can prove to be a nice place to identify most of your prospective clients. From joining several communities to interactive travel forums online, you can involve yourself in interactive market research for a concrete idea and analysis.

Step 4 – Advertise your talent and promote services creatively

Now the most important thing which is to be considered in this matter is advertising. If you aren’t putting enough effort into promoting the service, then things might just not work well in the long run. So, the idea is to build an impressive portfolio, highlight your skills, and add all external links to it that contain sneak peeks of your work and expertise.

All prospective clients would like to go through a couple of work samples alongside reading through your bio-data. So, it’s always a nice idea to attach samples of your work, and build portfolios that would work at the end of the day.

Step 5 – Now set prices strategically before picking orders

Once you are done setting up an impressive portfolio and promoting your service among every prospective client, it’s time for you to set prices for your services in a strategic way and in accordance with the industry trends. It is always recommended take a close look at the market trend, conduct a thorough research and then set prices, based on hours, months and on an annual scale, if in case you’re planning to bag long-term projects.

Without displaying a proper price structure and allowing clients to go through the same, you don’t stand a chance to get hired for your job. Most of them might find your service vague or amateurish. Pricing determines professionalism at the end of the day.

Step 6 – Start building helpful networks simultaneously

While setting prices, building portfolio, advertising your service is good, you are also required to start building enough resources and network simultaneously. Now that you’re gearing up to build a career in freelance business all by yourself, networking is the most vital aspect to be considered in the long run. You may plan to create a website, make yourself actively available on a social media platform like LinkedIn.

This will help you to stay connected with all contemporary freelances, clients and aspirants, willing to seek employment in this particular sector. If you need assistance in your project, you can always post ads, talk about career vacancies and rope in freelancers to collaborate with you in the venture.

Step 7 – Involve in blogging for a better digital exposure

Freelancing in today’s world is mostly about digitalized technicalities and work culture. So, in case you are planning to set up a promising freelance career, then consider exploring the digital realm further by involving in online blogging and the likes. In case you’re preparing yourself to start a career as a freelance writer, then you may write blogs highlighting writing tips for the beginners, types of writing mistakes to avoid and the likes.

You should be confident about your service and make your prospective clients believe in your credibility and knowledge. Thus, blogging is always a nice way to communicate and rope in promising clients in the long run.

So, go ahead with all aspirations, dreams and desire of becoming a successful freelancer, and implement each of the strategies and helpful steps discussed above. If you’re confident, zealous and focused end of the day, then nothing my friend is difficult to achieve under the sun.

Author Bio – Alice Davison is a freelance tutor offering online lessons, and an academic reviewer associated with In addition to it, Alice is a woman of fine taste, who happens to be an ardent reader of novels and a sommelier at the same time.

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