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Incredible advances in gaming technology that will leave you speechless

by herbertp343 (writer), , July 09, 2018

Here are a few unbelievable advances in technology that have served to enhance the gaming experience:

Since their introduction in the 1980s, video games have gone through a number of changes and conversions. With advances in technology, creators have used every facility available to them to make games that are both immersive and intense. In recent times, however, gaming technology has become unimaginably profound.

Here are a few unbelievable advances in technology that have served to enhance the gaming experience:

Facial Recognition

Have you ever wanted to be inside the game you’re playing? Well, now you can. Sort of. Most modern games come with facial recognition systems that can scan your face to create a similar prototype within the game.

You can also control the game with your facial expressions. Innovative 3D cameras allow developers to gauge the player’s emotions by scanning 78 different points on their face. So if you look too excited, the system may instantly increase the difficulty level of the game.

Slot Games

If you ever visit a casino, you must agree that it is terribly hard to resist the lure of slot games. And with technological advancements today, the thrill and excitement of playing free slot games and video slots has altogether reached newer levels. It is almost like the overall slot gaming field has undergone a massive revolution today. With incredibly advanced graphics and other attractions, innovations in slot gaming technology are also turning the gaming universe into a reality.

Even if most of today’s games offer various attractive features, the graphics and the sound are among the most important aspects. A lot of the games do fulfil these needs and have amazing graphics too like Caesars games.

Virtual Reality games

We cannot talk about advanced gaming technology without mentioning Virtual Reality Games. These games allow the user to enter the game as a character themselves. Instead of controlling the character through commands dispatched through a monitor, the player can become the character and control it through his/her own movements.

Most virtual reality games remain unavailable to the public as of now, but developers have guaranteed gamers a completely immersive experience.

Augmented Reality games

If dungeons and dragons are not your things, you can also play games which are based in our own world. How do you feel about playing hockey over the kitchen counter? Augmented reality games create a perspective that remains unique to the gamer.

The game is based in the real world- its objective remains applicable to real-life situations. Also, augmented reality games, like Virtual Reality games, do not confine you to a PC, so you can carry them around with you and play wherever you want.

Breathtaking displays

Without high definition displays, good graphics would count for nothing. Any modern game with one-of-a-kind graphics will have HD displays to back them up.

Since 4K televisions and laptops have become more affordable and almost readily available for all, 4K games have risen in popularity as well. The crisp and colourful displays add to the realness of the images.

Voice control gaming

Do you ever feel the urge to yell at your character? Turns out most gamers do, and that is where voice control gaming comes in. Consoles can now understand commands coming directly from the gamer. You can even use the tech when the console is turned off.

Not only can you use voice commands to control the game, but you can also interact with others on social media, choose options from the media library, search the internet and do a lot more.

Mobile Gaming

Until a few years ago, gamers would require an ensemble of equipment to play their favourite games. But with the arrival of smartphones, the gaming experience can now fit in your pocket. Mobile gaming has made it possible for everyone to enjoy online gaming even without a console.

Gaming on demand

If you are active on YouTube, then you are well-versed with the concept of live streaming. Sometimes, gamers too live stream themselves playing a particular. Other gamers can watch and share this live stream.

But, miraculous advances in gaming technology have now allowed gamers to play the video games on-demand. The process is similar to ordering movies on demand. This ability is gaining popularity by the minute and can work in favour of game developers, both big and small.

Cloud Gaming

Gamers are aware that not all games can work with the same software. Some games require specific software, and in some cases a few pieces of hardware as well.

That is why developers are now creating games that can be connected to the cloud to lighten the load on computers. The games are no longer subjected to the memory space contained in the consoles or discs. The cloud open games allow users to access giant server-size limits in which the images of the game are served to your screen through the Internet.

Wearable Gaming

The purpose of wearable gaming is to make the gaming experience portable without being too cumbersome. Smart watches and glasses originally designed as fitness devices are now being incorporated with gaming technology as well. These wearables act as extensions of your gaming console and allow you to access your game from anywhere.

Top-notch graphics

Avid gamers who have play horror games like Until Dawn and Outlast all agree upon one thing- the graphics are to die for. Gone are the days of 8-bit graphics. Advanced technology is now enabling users to experience the game as a reality complete with fully developed storylines and photo-realistic features.

For example, Until Dawn tells the tale of a getaway gone horribly wrong. One of the most terrifying horror games available at the moment, its high-definition graphics and intriguing plotline will surely arrest your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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