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Randy's Chill Vaporizer: The Frost Factory

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , July 09, 2018

Randy's Chill vaporizers are made to be the most reliable, all-in-one option for people who are looking for a portable alternative.

Finally, a weed vaporizer (and mind you, a portable vaporizer) that can cool vapors without having to stick absurd attachments to the battery which I believe defeats the purpose of having a portable vaporizer. Randy's Chill vaporizers are made to be the most reliable, all-in-one option for people who are looking for a portable alternative to what is otherwise putting ice cubes in your bong.

Whether you're toking on herbs or if you're hitting on wax concentrates, putting ice on your water pipe provides you with a whole new spectrum in terms of tolerance and flavor profiles. Icing your bongs will let you take larger rips and longer drags, perfect if you're planning on getting real high. Iced bongs are ideal for people who want to challenge their cannabis tolerance, it lets you keep on going and allows you to hold the smoke or vapor in without coughing. That's why nowadays it's common to see bongs and water pipes with ice catchers (little glass pieces to catch ice located just above the beaker) because icing your bongs really helps. It also improves the flavor notes of your materials, herbs or concentrates. You eliminate that burnt taste and the ice also kills any irritants that might have found their way into your smoke or vapor. Like most vape users, especially the portable kind, I've been waiting for the day we can bring this experience to our favorite portable devices. Sure, they're not made for extremely demanding vape sessions but to experience the same cool, smooth sensation would be great.

Luckily someone or a group of someone thought of it. A company called Randy's made the world's first and only (as of writing) ice cold portable vaporizer. It's like a friggin' frost factory. Randy's have been in the business for over 40 years so you'd know they know whatever it is that they're doing. They started making rolling papers back in 1975 and began innovating smoking and vaping paraphernalia thereafter. They call their latest offering the Chill, a befitting name if you'd ask me. The Chill Vaporizer by Randy's offers what no other portable vaporizer has ever done before. They incorporated a freezable tube that contains a non-toxic gel that can be kept in your fridge till frozen. The Chill also uses a water filtration tube that's the same size as the freezable one and what's good about it is that it's all concealed inside the vaporizer. I've seen a great deal of vaporizers that allow one to use a water adapter that awkwardly bulges out as you attach it either on top of the atomizer or connect it through the threaded connections of the battery itself and the Chill Vaporizer went above and beyond the traditional design and concept to keep the nature of portable units. You got to give it to the folks at Randy's for staying true to the portable platform. Apart from having a faithful and solid design here are a few cool features, the Chill Vaporizer has to offer.

  • Aqua Bubbler Tube Mouthpiece
  • Freezable Tube Mouthpiece
  • Three Temperature Profiles
  • Built-in Storage – For Extra Coil and Metal Tool
  • Can Vaporize Both Wax and Herbs
  • Magnetic Coil Chambers
  • Dry Herb Coil
  • Concentrate Coil
  • Metal Screens
  • Micro USB Charging

The Chill Vaporizer by Randy's is also available in three subtle color options; black, blue, and silver. Not only does it offer unparalleled variety depending on the way you vape as well as in terms of functionality but the Chill also allows you to pick the best color that suits your style. It's both aesthetically and technically effective thanks to its intuitive design and engineering.

Freezing the Tube

To achieve the best results, it is recommended that you freeze the tube for longer than 15 minutes. Ideally, the longer it stays in the fridge the better. The longer it stays frozen the longer you're going to keep on getting ice-cold hits. As a reference, a frozen tube that was kept in the fridge for 15 minutes will last for 4 to 5 draws – long draws. You can then pop 'em back in the fridge till they've frozen again r you can use the alternative tube. If you simply don’t have the time to freeze your tube, you can fill the aqua bubbler tube with water to experience water-filtered, moisture-conditioned hits.

I found that the Chill Vaporizer from Randy's has its atomizers located at the bottom of the vaporizer. This allows the Chill Vaporizer to extend the vapor path for your vapor to travel complementing the air bubbler tube and the freezable tubes. The longer the vapor travels, the more it gets the time to cool down and the long vapor path of the Chill creates the perfect environment for both your materials and the vapor it produces to dissipate and break down which also removes any irritants in the process, pretty much like how the ice in your bong works for you when you smoke.

Vapor Output

The Chill does sport some unique features, but how does its vapor output hold up against other vaporizers? Since the developers at Randy's already thought this through you can expect the vapors to be exceptional both in flavor and in density. The three temperature profiles greatly improve the quality of the vapors since it allows you to fine-tune the heat levels depending on both the materials you're using and the output you'd want to achieve. Lower temperature levels generally give you thin wisps of clouds with flavorful vapors while higher temperature levels yield denser clouds with lower flavor retention. The temperature profiles can help you vaporize your materials efficiently and effectively as most thick concentrates require higher temperature levels and runny concentrates can work with lower settings. Similarly, parched herbs can vaporize efficiently at medium and low settings while moist flowers and buds may require higher temperature profiles.

In Closing

Some people would look at portable weed vaporizers as just lesser counterparts of the actual rigs, bongs, and desktop vaporizers from which they're derived from. Randy's Chill showed the vape industry that even the smaller vaporizers can deliver some of the best results and can be the perfect conduit of some of the best weed tech today's technology has to offer.

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