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Technologies Will Dominate Our Future

by ramish (writer), , July 30, 2018

Involvement of Artificial Intelligence in Technologies Will Dominate Our Future

One sure has heard of artificial intelligence. The term is no longer alien to the people. Albeit the fact that ten to fifteen years back, people used to laugh at the hearing of this terminology. Now the jargon is in a constant buzz in the world, exclusively in the world of business and technology. Even when the definitions have modified, the core concepts rotate around the idea of machines which replicates the human mind. The crux of this man-made intelligence is laid on the idea of digital transformation.

Notwithstanding the question of humans being replaced by systems and robots, artificial intelligence is approved by all human executives and under constant experimentations and implications into the businesses that run on technology. The latest and technologically modified products and services prove this, call it software, interaction, commutation, entertainment etc, no segment left unattended. Artificial intelligence was once perceived to be the future and has now become the today of technology. This is illustrated by observing the products in daily lives. Let’s take the example of Facebook? Not new, maybe face recognition? No? What about audio stimulated responses like Google’s text-to-speed, still a no? Well, these were just the glimpses, let’s now have the real examples:

·Smart car, the new way to drive

Ever heard of smart cars? Yes, these are the new thing and very much real. As real as the cell phone, you hold in your hand. There are little chances to observe someone reading a newspaper or enjoying a good video while driving, but the chances are going to accelerate real soon. The Google's self-driving car is the redefined concept of commuting. An algorithm develops by Google is reported by the Washington Post and is projected to let the car drive all by itself. The algorithm enables the car to test its intelligence to move on the road and look ahead. , the self-driving car has taken the sprint on the roads and is completely on the go, contrary to the Tesla’s autopilot, which has not been much into use

·Hyperloop, a revolution in public transportation

Not to underestimate the fact that little to no time is left to experience the self-driving car. The next monster is on its way. Hyperloop is the upcoming trend, ready to set its footing in 2021. The idea of which was conceived by Elon Musk, to design a transporting capsule at 1200 kilometers per hour. Call it a plane, or a tube. The floating pod is designed to move like a bullet in low-pressure tubes. Not just faster, the giant is all set to thrill the passengers with its cheap and safe ride encapsulated in an artificially combined fly-driving experience.

·Pilotless drone, making medical assistance within reach

Now that the ground computation experience is tightly packed, there is a need to content writers learn about the intelligence flying in the air. Not exactly a plane but definitely a mini version of it. Although this might take some more time and intelligence to introduce self-flying planes, the battle of a self-flying mini jet has already been conquered. Drone is nothing new to the world now, is it? Initially, pilotless drones were manufactured for defense and military use only, now the consumption has extended to the civilian base too. And definitely for the better. Pilotless drones are not restricted to surveillance and aerial shots only. The stimulus has extended to life-saving aspirations as well. The drone research hubs in the Netherlands have investigated the efficiency of drones to locate cardiovascular patients and provide medical assistance quicker than an ambulance. Given the fact that the typical response time for a cardiac arrest in approximately 10 minutes, Alec Momont, the mastermind behind the medical drone idea, has envisioned to provide emergency aid through the drone, along with a two-way video service connected to the drone.

Home smart devices, a solution for everything

Sure the people are safe outside, what about the comfort inside? Problem resolved. Home smart devices are equipped with the cognition to read the behavior patterns and act accordingly and wisely. These devices can auto-adjust the thermostatic conditions and turn the switches on and off all by itself. All thanks to artificial intelligence. Now you don’t need to worry about the rising bills because you forgot to switch the conditioner off. And can undeniably doze off while reading your favorite book or watching a good movie because smart devices will automatically turn the lights and systems off, without you getting disturbed.


The future which we perceived something back has completely transformed, the speed with which inventions are being made, it’s hard to actually project a future which awaits. Let’s keep our finger cross, and watch out the what future has for us.

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