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Why Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses Are the Way to Go

by herbertp343 (writer), , July 04, 2018

Be sure to understand what your main objective is in choosing it for your wedding.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are not new phenomena, but they have gained popularity in the last few years. With boutiques like Azazie offering a wide range of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, finding bridesmaids gowns that coordinate beautifully has never been easier. But before you decide to ride the wave of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, be sure to understand what your main objective is in choosing it for your wedding.

If you’re doing it primarily because you are concerned about making a decision on one dress, remember that making multiple decisions on a variety of dresses is just as much work as the more traditional option, if not more. Know your real motivation- are you looking for an easy way out of managing the ladies who will wear the dress? Or do you have a vision you’re attempting to achieve? Even with mismatched dresses, you have many options. Among these are the same dress with different colors, the same color family in different styles, or different colors and different styles.

Same dress in different colors. Finding a dress that you adore is a wonderful thing, and many brides may opt to choose it and a color palette. If you have your heart set on embracing “mismatched-ness,” you can opt to have the girls in different colors and even different materials. Examine the fabric swatches carefully before you determine your color palette, and try to keep it within three variations of the color. Using this guideline, you can have all of your attendants in a uniformed silhouette in complementary colors that will awe your guests, please your bridal party, and look stunning in wedding photographs.

Same color in different dresses. Many brides desire to have all of their girls in the same color, but find it difficult to find that one dress that suits the body style and needs of every attendant in her bridal party. If your intent is to embrace that diversity represented by the friends you have chosen to stand beside you, committing to the same color but allowing for options in style and design is the ticket for your “mismatched-ness.” Because not every dress is flattering for everyone, your girls can pick their favorite style and then everyone, bride and bridesmaids included, will be comfortable and happy on the big day.

Different colors and different styles of dress. Some brides decide to go all out on the “mismatched-ness” for the wedding day. This look can be completely stunning when done well. One way to ensure that it works is to stick with the same family and play with different tones, hues, or textures. Be sure to keep the palate for the wedding at the center as you shop and select, and once all the dresses have been chosen, make sure you take the time to see them together. While variety is the spice, cohesiveness will be key to pulling the ensemble of dresses together.

When embracing “mismatched-ness,” there are some other guidelines and tips worth considering.

Watch your hemlines. Be sure that there is a good mix of lengths and silhouettes. Wedding photos may look unbalanced if all of the girls opt for long dresses except one. Be sure that lengths are in good proportion to the dress and the bridesmaid.

Tie it all together with accessories. With all of the hues, silhouettes, and styles, it will be important to have one cohesive design component that ties it all together for an aesthetic appeal. Whether it is a hairpiece or a belt, a piece of jewelry or maybe even a bridal bouquet that represents all of the bridesmaids’ colors, be sure to find something that pulls everything back to a uniform look.

Stick to your vision. With all of the decisions a bride must make, it is easy to get distracted from an original plan. Use your vision as a guiding concept or theme that allows you to be a little flexible in some of the details. While it may be important to provide an element of choice, you want to be sure that the overall picture of what the girls look like together meets your expectation for your big day.

Keep the bridesmaid bouquets consistent. You want your bridesmaids to look like bridesmaids, so regardless of the diversity represented by the dress style, color, material, texture, or look, the bouquets should be the same. This can be one of the cohesive design elements you use to represent your vision.

What are some tips you have for mismatching bridesmaids’ gowns? Feel free to share your ideas here.

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