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Making the Right Technology Choice for Web Application Development

by Kaushal Shah (writer), , July 30, 2018

The most important thing to consider when you’re developing a top-notch web application.

The technology stack is the most important thing to consider while developing a top-notch web application. The choice of the tech stack forms the basis of your web application, and therefore the success of your project entirely depends upon it.

The selection of an essential tech stack is challenging, particularly for small businesses as they usually have constrained budgets. Therefore there is an imperative need for technology stack which offers the most out for their investments and gets projects off the ground.

As a Java web application development company you can have defined criteria to choose the most appropriate web application technology stack in the following manner:

1. Be Simple. Go Agile!

The best way to build any product from scratch is to start with the most natural solution. First things first: have a basic page running, move to the first feature, then the second, and so on. The benefits of working with this kind of technology stacks include real-time progress evaluation and change in direction when needed. They also minimize the risk as the system is already running.

2. Security

Security is indeed the most important factor while choosing the tech stack depending on the type of data your business tackles. It can also have the skill set of your technology developers, the work environment, and the implementation policies as one of the key metrics.

3. Open-source

When building new software, you must always search for open-source solutions, like Java. They help save time on not creating everything from scratch, and with something that is secure. It also enables you to focus on web application’s business side and make your product stand out.

4. The Ecosystem

Every technology ecosystem comprises of people and tools. While choosing your web development technology, check the robustness of the ecosystem behind the framework or language. Java offers a robust ecosystem with millions of StackOverflow questions, online tutorials, articles, conferences, and more.

5. Time to Market

TTM (Time to Market) is a significant parameter while selecting a technology stack for small businesses or startups. The sooner you develop and make your application available in the market, the edge you will have above your competition. Also, the lesser amount of time your app development requires, the cheaper is its cost.

6. Testing Feasibility

A web application may contain numerous lines of code, and thus bugs are inevitable. Making the app bug-free requires much time, slowing down the web development. As a solution to this problem, choose technologies which are easy to test and have a test-driven development approach. It guarantees the code, improves product quality, and speeds up the development.


Selecting the right tech stack is challenging, but choose the technologies as per your project. You should follow a realistic approach and consider all the pros and cons into account. A wrong choice may end in financial losses, hire a team of professional developers if you have not tried your hands on it for a state-of-the-art web application development.

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