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The Other Queen

Teresa Mendoza was the Queen of the South, in Spain, Mexican born she grow up in Culiacan between Lords and Kings of the dark Mexican Royalty. 

Sandra Avila Beltran Lived in a world of luxury and power, accompannied by the barons of drug trafficking.

Few Mexicans woman had starring in the drug-trafficking operations, but no woman has exercised leadership as the niece of capo Miguel Angle Felix Gallardo.

Precisely because of her activities, her contacts and influence in the world of drugs, this woman who dominated the maritime area from Colombia to the United States from her headquarters in Guadalajara, as she is known in some circles of organized crime as "The Queen of the Pacific".

Born in Baja California 46 years ago Avila Beltran was not in the public domain until less than six years ago, despite being involved in the drug trade over the past 15 years , for the Mexican and American authorities her name took relevance in December 2001, when it was seized at the port of Manzanillo a shipment operated by Avila Beltran along with El Tigre with 9.5 tons of cocaine, El Tigre the current sentimental partner of Avila Beltran wich belongs to a major international drug organization based in Colombia,  her charms have allowed her to be linked sentimentally with the barons Ismael "mayo" Zambada, Colonel Ignacio"Nacho" Villareal, has also been married with two commanders of the Federal Judicial Police.

Avila beltran lived in the exclusive zone in Guadalajara the Iron Gate with her only 16 years old son, who liked to spend most of his time in the gym until the afternoon of april 18 2002 when he was kidnapped when a  commando of hooded men armed and dressed in black burst into the gym. In desperation Sandra immediately went to lodge a complaint with the Jalisco's General Prosecutor, considering her illegal activities this decision was a mistake because it caught the attention of the authorities, the amount the kidnappers demanded $5 millions of dollars in cash. Sandra had no track record as prosperous business woman, the anti-kidnapping police group monitored her phone calls the problem was in her house received calls from drug traffickers, Avila Beltran stopped the investigation and began negotiation for herself to rescue her son, but by then the Federal Investigation Agency, AFI, had been interested in the fact. During the 17-day kidnapping of her son, Sandra received financial support from  "Nacho" and "Mayo" Zambada even to strengthen the security of herself the latter would have presented an armored black BMW and her son could use a F-150 also armoured.

Through the so-called operation volcano, led last year against El Tigre, the authorities seized more than 230 farms located between Hermosillo and Guadalajara on her name two tanning salons called Electric Beach, in Puerto Vallarta also had a local sauna baths, which were attended by relatives of El Tigre

After the kidnapping Sandra began to distance herself from El tigre because her family suspected that he might be involved, they thought he was trying to recover the money from the cocaine seized in Manzanillo, but other  version circulates more outrageous, Juan Carlos  Ventura Moussong, then director of prosecutors said to have found evidence that members  of AFI perpetrated the kidnapping, thinking Sandra was going to pay the ramson without problem without asking for help, unfortunately, Ventura Moussong failed to prove his hypothesis because was killed when he was returning from a commanders meeting in Mexico City, he was killed with a AFI's weapon, as recently reported stolen.

The Queen of the Pacific was a legend before she was arrested on September 28 of 2007, she had already a "corrido" song in Spanish that describes her activities and her power and a video clip, the Mexican capos use the corridos to send messages to other cartel, and when they choose a singer if he doesn't  want to get involved he usually gets kill, and if the other cartel didn't like the message he also is killed, capos paid to singers between $25 and $150 grand for the song.

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