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Find Some Important Moving Tips

by herbertp343 (writer), , June 29, 2018

Take the following into consideration for a move that is less stressful.

Whether you are transferring jobs or relocating neighborhoods, moving is a long and strenuous process. From confirming all the details for your new place to packing everything away, the steps that it takes to change locations can be stressful. Take the following into consideration for a move that is less stressful.

Housing Market

Housing is a fickle sector. It’s an optimistic market at the moment, with most Americans believing homes in their area will keep increasing in value. Take this opportunity to sell your home at its peak value. Research local housing prices to compare and find your sweet spot when pricing. Keep your estimations unbiased by looking at the home through a buyer’s eyes. Add value where you can before you open your home to prospective buyers. A deep clean and refreshing coat of paint enhances an already stellar home. If you’re buying a home, keep in mind its location relative to your job, school, and local attractions. If you are looking for a place in your same city, then it will be easier to recognize and pinpoint where you and your family will thrive. A transfer to a new town makes this step more difficult. Do an internet search on specific neighborhoods or areas to find reviews from locals. Researching nearby schools, hospitals, and other amenities will help you finalize your decision.


Nothing makes you realize how much you accumulate like having to pack it all up and move it somewhere else. Once you have found a new space to move to, packing is your next biggest hurdle. Staying organized as you pack will help you stay on track and will make it easier to unpack in a quick and efficient manner. Tackle the project room by room and drawer by drawer. Clothes can go in boxes or suitcases. Consider using wardrobe boxes for clothes from your closet. These boxes allow you to keep them hanging and transfer them with ease once you are ready to unpack. This is great for sentimental or other formal wear. Pack away your fragile kitchen dishes and heirlooms with plenty of newspaper or bubble wrap. Don’t forget to label everything. Use a combination of a numbering system (to make sure you don’t lose any boxes along the way) and a description (so that you know where each box should be unpacked).


With all the housing and packing details in order, you have arrived at moving day at last. Prepare in advance for this day by researching moving companies and obtaining estimates. Be aware of common scam moves like companies that only take cash. If you are trusting them with most of your belongings, you want to make sure that they are a legitimate business. You will end up paying more for more items, so consider using this move to downsize as you go. If you are moving climates, this is a great time to rid yourself of season-specific gear. Moving within your city or state will keep your costs and time expenses lower, but long-distance moves should encourage you to put more attention to whom you hire to help you relocate. This is especially important for your larger items. Maybe you have a luxury vehicle that you wouldn’t drive during the move. Find a company that provides enclosed auto transport for the most secure way to transfer your valuable vehicle with you. While opinions are mixed on whether and how much to tip, it’s best to play it safe and tip your movers. If they were able to move all of your belongings in a safe manner, they worked hard.

Moving is exciting, though it involves taking care of many details. From completing your research and making a housing decision to packing away sentimental possessions, there is much to consider and keep up with. Staying organized and outsourcing the grunt work will keep your move as untroubled as possible.

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