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How to Expedite Entry into the Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

by Dave Cann (writer), Armonk, New York, US, July 21, 2018

Amazon Brand Registry provides Amazon sellers with two main benefits. Firstly, they enjoy brand protection. Secondly, they enjoy brand support under this program.

However, before you can enjoy these benefits, you must have a registered trademark. A great challenge that both new mark owners and first-time trademark registrants are faced with is the long time it takes to register a trademark successfully.

If you don’t have a registered trademark and you want to get on the Amazon Brand Registry quickly, you should file in a foreign country such as the UK or EU as the trademark registration process in this country takes 3-4 months. Other ways to fast-track your trademark registration process as well as get on the Amazon Brand Registry are as follows:

  1. Conduct a trademark search. Before filing a new trademark application, you should take your time to do some research to know if there are other marks similar to your proposed marks. This is a vital task that helps in reducing the risk of opposition from owners of similar trademarks.
  2. Endeavor to pick a strong, unique name. Avoid descriptive names that only describe your products or their characteristics.
  3. Don’t include products that you’re not going to sell within the next year when filing for products in your trademark application. Doing so will only delay the registration process and acceptance (in the US and Canada).
  4. If you have been selling branded products in the United States, consider including only the branded products in your application. This will accelerate the registration process because you won’t need to submit a Statement of Use required for prospective products or products that have never been sold.
  5. While filing your application, you should make use of the pre-approved “pick list” to easily find various products that you intend to include in your application.
  6. If you’re filing in the US, you will be required to submit photos of your products along with your trademark registration. Most importantly, the trademark must clearly show on the products or on their individual packaging. You must not edit or photoshop the photographs as doing this could cause your application to be delayed or rejected. For Amazon Brand Registry application, you will need to submit photos of both your products and packaging with your registered trademark showing on each product and packaging.
  7. You need to have a functioning and active website where all your products and brands are showcased. This is a very important requirement to be accepted into the Amazon Brand Registry quickly. Other benefits of having a website are that it convinces prospects that your products are valuable, boost buyers’ confidence that your business is legit and the website could serve as a place to get your business’ contact information.
  8. Have or create a domain-branded email address and avoid using Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail if you want to be accepted into the Amazon Brand Registry quickly. Having social media accounts for your brand(s) or product(s) is also essential.
  9. Ensure that the name used for the Amazon Seller account is the same as the name on (or will be) the Trademark Registration certificate. You should also be ready to prove the ownership of the Amazon Seller account and Trademark Registration certificate.
  10. As mentioned earlier, file your trademark application first in the UK or EU to fast-track your Amazon Brand Registry application process because Amazon accepts a UK or EU trademark. After getting a UK or EU Trademark Registration certificate, you should still go ahead with filing a US Trademark Application. The UK/EU Trademark is just to allow you get into Amazon Brand Registry quickly while waiting for the US Trademark to be approved.

    Using those few tips, you should be able to speed up your entry into the Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 in order to enjoy the benefits associated with it.

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