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Best places for millennials in Indiana

by herbertp343 (writer), , June 26, 2018

Keep on reading and learn what are the best places for millennials in Indiana!

Figure 1Are you planning on moving to Indiana ? alt. Indianapolis.

Are you planning on moving to Indiana? Indiana doesn’t sound like the best place for millennials – but it can be. Indiana is great, and your experience depends on you. You will get what you need if you look for it hard enough. But, if moving to Indiana doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, keep on reading and learn what are the best places for millennials in Indiana!

First, a bit about Indiana

Indiana is a U.S. state located in North America. Its largest city (and capital) is Indianapolis. The name Indiana means ‘The land of Indians’. This state is divided into 92 counties. Largest cities in this area are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend. The most common language you will hear in Indiana after moving is English, but if you speak Spanish – you will fit in just fine.

Figure 2Indiana and its biggest cities can satisfy everyone’s needs! alt. Indianapolis stadium.

And now – let’s see what are the best places for millennials in Indiana!

What does “the best place” even mean? Is it the cheapest or is it the one that offers best opportunities? Or the one with the most opportunities? We all want to start our careers in the best city possible. It is hard to decide which city has what it takes to make a millennial feel at home. But, we have created a list of places that you should consider before making a final decision. Our list is based upon:

  • Average income, home value, and employment rate
  • Crime rate
  • Health insurance costs and options
  • Education and other opportunities


Located less than twenty minutes from the major metropolitan amenities of Indianapolis, this place has a lot to offer. Zionsville fits every taste and every budget, so make sure you consider it when making a decision about your final moving destination. This city is currently one of the top places in Indiana. Why? It is a city with the lowest crime rate in the state. Average home value is a bit higher than a national average, but it only speaks about a high demand. Zionsville is one of the best places for millennials in Indiana, and many of them want to live here. It offers great job and education opportunities, so it is not a surprise that more and more young professionals are moving to this part of Indiana.

  • Population: 26,000+
  • Home Values: $337,000+
  • Average household income: $108,000+


Carmel is a fast-growing suburban town in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. This suburb has been transformed over the past 20 years by ambitious young professionals that led to the making of a vibrant city – and also one of the best places for millennials in Indiana. The average household income here is similar to the average household in Zionsville, but real estate is much cheaper. What does that mean? Carmel offers a higher living standard.

  • Population: 89,000+
  • Home Values: $309,000+
  • Unemployment rate: 2.5%

Figure 3Are you looking for an urban or suburb area? alt. Indianapolis.


If you are looking for best places for millennials in Indiana – you should definitely consider moving to Noblesville. It has the best income to home value ratio. And who doesn’t like high life standard? Especially if you are a young professional that is at the beginning of its career. Another perk is close proximity to the capital which guarantees easier access to everything that you might need.

  • Population: 62,000+
  • Home Values: $181.000+
  • Unemployment rate: 2.8%

How to move to Indiana stress-free?

Plan your move

First – make a plan. Calculate your time, budget and prepare yourself for tasks that need to be taken care of. Get a pen and some paper and start planning. Making a solid strategy will help you a lot. Finding the best places for millennials in Indiana isn’t enough – you need to get there. And, the easiest way to do so hassle free is tocome prepared.

Note your every idea. No matter how small it seems. Create a timetable. Set reminders. Take pictures of items that need to be taken care of. Create a schedule, and stick to it. Postponing tasks isn’t a good idea, so try sticking to your plan. Once you start finishing tasks one by one, everything will fall into its place. Little things add up, and you will be ready to move to Indiana sooner than you think.

Gather packing supplies

In order to ensure your belonging’s safety, you will need to get some packing materials. There is no other way. Only professional packing supplies can guarantee your item’s safety during the transport. You may not think that buying packing supplies saves you money – but it does. How? Replacing broken, damaged or destroyed items can be much more expensive than getting a few boxes. You can even find high-quality materials for sale, and spend even less!

Find a reliable mover

Moving is never easy, but if you are doing it for the first time – things tend to get a bit more confusing. But – don’t panic! Finding best places for millennials in Indiana is stressful enough, and you will need all the help you can get. How? Look for a professional moving company that can help you relocate. Make sure you hire a reliable mover, not only a cheap one. You want your relocation to go smoothly and hassle-free, and the only way to do so is to find the right partner.

The easiest way to get a trustworthy mover is to look for a local one. If you are moving from Mishawaka, you should start your search by looking for movers from Mishawaka - for example. Try to get references from people you trust, and you will minimize the chance of getting scammed.

Figure 4Finding a reliable mover is really a half the job! alt. Truck on the road.

You can relax now

The hard part is over. Once you find the best place for millennials in Indiana, and once you find the right mover – things tend to get easier. Everything is much simpler when you have the right ally by your side. So, wait no more and start your search!

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