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Everything you need to know about steep roofs

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , June 25, 2018

Finally, the roof deck provides balance and structure to the whole roof. Generally, wood is preferred as the material for the deck.

Steep roofs are not a left hand job. It takes good planning, security and concentration to install a steep roof. Generally, steep roofs incline about 4 or 5 feet for every 10 to 12 feet of parallel span. This makes the job daring, but there are always ways to tackle it effectively.

A steep roof consists of three important things, which are all installed in shingle style. The first most important thing is the roof covering. This covering makes the roof secure from external damage caused by water or extreme weathers.

The second important part of a roof is the underlayment. This acts as protection until the whole roof covering is installed. It also makes the roof waterproof and becomes the foundation for the rest of the roof.

Finally, the roof deck provides balance and structure to the whole roof. Generally, wood is preferred as the material for the deck.

Types of Steep Roofing Systems:-

You can choose from six major types of steep roofs for your home, and find a good roof inspection Ann Arbor Michigan contractor to inspect and install your favorite type.

Clay or Concrete Tiles:

These roof shingles are made into tiles from molding clay. Their resistance to heat depends highly upon the density of the clay that goes into these shingles.


You can easily slice slate roofing in the same direction as you go, due to its natural partition. It is also considered for its grainy texture and the breakups between every shingle. Whether you want a smooth surface or a coarse pattern, slate can give you both.

Metal Roofing:

Metal roofs have become a go-to for many people today due to the cheaply available raw material. If you want a good looking, robust roof at the most reasonable prices, then metal roofing is the type for you. These are mostly used in the construction of tall, steep or commercial buildings. You can choose one from three types of metallic roofs: shingles, structures or architectural sheets.

Wood Shingles and Shakes:

This roofing material is normally a result of cutting pine, cedar or cypress. Shakes are just thicker pieces than shingles.

Asphalt Shingles:

You can find these in single or more layer combinations. If you find one with more layer, it’s called ‘architectural shingle.’ Usually, people go for the ‘strip shingles’ – each one being 12 x 13” in dimension.

Along with the asphalt material, they also comprise of some foundation material for upkeep and shingle strength along with an external material for ultra-violet protection, fire and impact.


Designers came up with synthetic roofing to bring more natural resources into play. These include clay, metal and wood. In addition, they are chosen for their benefits and strengths. Synthetic roof shingles are extremely light in weight and can easily be installed over orthodox floors. This, therefore, makes them such a hit in residential localities.

Now that you know your steep roofs better, you can confidently look into available choices with your contractor and get chopping!

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