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Chinese Prototype company 3ERP

by Muhammad Adil (writer), Dubai, June 23, 2018

3ERP is the China-based manufacturing company, with roots residing in the west.

3ERP is the China-based manufacturing company, with roots residing in the west. They follow strict tolerance criteria for all their products, which makes it a major leader specifically in rapid prototype production and low volume manufacturing. Their major customers include BMW, FLIR Systems, and the Beckman Coulter these are the leading companies of Europe and America. This china prototyping company shall handle the manufacturing processed of your ideas with great professionalism, all you are required to do is to trust them with your ideas and let them turn your vision into reality with custom prototyping. 3ERP provides a great range of prototyping services and manufacturing services.

The rapidly increasing prototyping services ensures that the design and idea both shall make sense in the real world within a very small time, before introducing the product in the market, it also allows you to analyze the design and check the functionality of the products

It offers a range of prototyping service including the following;

Prototyping services

CNC Machining service

The CNC machining services include the CNC milling and turning services, it is the fastest way to manufacture the prototypes in original plastic and metal materials for analyzing the design and form as well as for functionally testing it.

Vacuum casting

This procedure aims at producing the components of polyurethane vacuum casting from the mold of silicone this is one of the most economical ways for creating the batch of plastic prototypes which can be used for exhibitions and marketing research.

Rapid tooling

This tooling service includes the soft steel or the aluminum most appropriate for producing almost hundred parts. This procedure uses the original material; for molding of prototypes which can be than instantly used to make the prototypes for functionally testing the model and for evaluating it in a market before it is being transferred for mass production.

Injection molding

This procedure is used specifically for the mass production of different kinds of plastic goods. It helps in making the large mass of plastic objects in the most economical ways. This is a procedure is used widely for the mass production of different types of plastic projects. It helps in making the large volumes of different parts of plastics.

Pressure dies casting

Chinese Prototype Company 3ERP also offers the casting process services for best quality metal dies which includes aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die castings. Metal die casting for zinc, magnesium, and aluminum is being offered by this company

Sheet metal prototyping

For the production of prototypes and for low volume production batches, 3ERP offers different services like stamping, cutting, bending, punching, spinning and welding of gauge metals.

This company also offers prototypes and different precision parts for different automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and consumer products industries. This company has great experience regarding the CNC machining, fast prototyping, and the injection molding services, this experience enables them to make the plastic and metal prototypes for different projects. It offers custom prototypes which help in transforming the idea into the market with a very small turnaround, which means your idea can be launched in a very short time.

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