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5 Different Types of Sofa Sets to Set a Style Statement

by Ashok Kumar (writer), Jaipur, July 12, 2018

Selecting a wrong sofa set will make your interior of the house look odd and ugly. Make sure you have the right dimensions of the floor space where you are thinking of assembling this unit.

With the world cup FIFA fever around the world, watching the nail-biting matches sitting on a sofa set is undoubtedly a great way to experience the excitement of the game as well as the supreme comfort of the sofa. Wouldn't it be a great pleasure to watch it while the delicious snacks are at one arm's distance and you can quickly have a bite between the commercial break!!

Thus, sofa sets are the social centre, entertainment zone or merely a place to sit on a lazy day. The sofa set is an integral part of any home as these take up significant space in the living room, hence, it is mandatory for us to choose the perfect sofa set that can adorn the room in the best way possible.

Are you planning to buy a new sofa set for your lovely abode? Then, read the below-mentioned information about the different sofa sets that you can choose to incorporate in your home.

1. Fabric sofa sets, the eye candies:

As the name speaks for itself, ‘sofa sets made of fabric'. These are durable, provides utmost comfort and are captivating.

These are made up of different kind of fabrics like velvet, cotton, etc. and come in different sizes, i.e., two-seater or 3 seater sofa sets. If you wish to create a bold statement, then select the sofa sets in bright colours, this will ensure that the sofa set stands out in your living room decor.

Make your living room captivating by introducing fabric sofa sets. The fabric measures are equal to the size, shape of the sofa set. This gives you the opportunity to select the hue of the fabric according to the painted walls of the living room.

2. Wooden sofa sets, the natural beauties:

Wooden sofa sets are the flag bearer of the sofas. These are used for many years and still haven't lost their charm in the trendy furniture units.

There is nothing more beautiful than a wooden sofa set, which can adorn the living room amazingly. There is a natural aura of the wood material, which instils the space with a welcoming and charming look.

These come in different types of wood, such as sheesham, mango, teak, etc., and in a variety of polishes such as honey, teak, walnut and much more.

So, if you're bored of your living room furniture, then bring magnificent and beautiful wooden sofa set and accentuate the beauty of your abode.

3. Chesterfield sofa, the luxurious showstopper:

A Chesterfield sofa set is the easiest to spot because of the luxurious look it carries!! The structure of this sofa set makes it the luxurious, gorgeous looking place to sit; it has a back and arm fitted with deep button tufts. The curved arms are at the same height as the back.

These are the best, if you are looking forth to give a mansion like appeal to your abode.

4. Sectional sofa sets, the ongoing trend:

These sofa sets are the constant trendsetter in the world of sofas, as it is a multi-purpose sofa. It's a collection of 3 or more sofas put together to have a customised seating area. You can select the number as per your requirements.

If you go for traditional sofas, you have to decide on a fixed place for these to assemble, but with sectional sofa set, you can amaze your guests with different seating arrangements at every occasion.

These are also known as L-shaped or U-shaped sofa sets, as they can be placed in the nooks of the room.

These sofa sets also come online in different sizes, styles and material for small as well as the large room.

5. Chaise lounge, the contemporary addition:

Chaise lounges are an attractive addition to your living room; these are long chairs resembling an upholstered sofa. Chaise lounges have been a traditional symbol of comfort, style and luxury.

These are designed in an assortment of designs, sizes and patterns, and every design is very versatile. So, add a sense of class and sophistication to the room.

These stylish seating furniture pieces are available online in several materials like wood, plastic, wicker and much more.

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