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Moving? Here's how to hire a furniture removalist

by Editor (editor), , June 14, 2018

Moving is stressful, and it is not going to be easy - unless you hire someone to do it all for you.

So you are moving into a new house or apartment - congratulations!

But before you can kick back and celebrate in your new home, you have to leave your old one. And that means you have to pack up everything you own, from the tiniest knick-knacks decorating your shelves to the California king-sized bedroom set and big-screen television.

Moving is stressful, and it is not going to be easy - unless you hire someone to do it all for you.

There are companies out there to do that? Yes! Professional movers will do the work for you. On moving day, they will pack up your belongings - no matter the size - transport them to your new home and unpack them just where you want them. Doesn’t that sound great?

Not moving into your new place just yet? No problem - these companies can safely store your items for as long as you need. When you have a move-in date, just let them know: They will load up the truck again and deliver everything to your new home.

Who can hire a furniture removalist? Anyone! Maybe you don’t have the time to pack, or maybe it is taking a lot longer than you expected and you could use some help. Maybe you have physical limitations that prevent you from doing so. Or maybe you just need the process of moving to be a little less stressful and having someone handle all the packing would help. Whatever the reason, the professionals are ready to help and can handle any move, no matter the size.

To get started, shop around - check out for Removalists Brisbane. Just as you would consider all options before making a big purchase, do the same when hiring a furniture removalist. After all, they will be responsible for taking care of everything you own! You want to hire a company you are comfortable with and that you trust. Read reviews from past customers; be sure to check independent websites dedicated to consumer reviews. If you have any friends or family members who have moved recently, ask which companies they used and if they would recommend them. Find out if they had any problems; you can address these with the business.

When you contact furniture removalists, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long have you been in business? If the company is new, ask them to put you in touch with previous customers. Just because a business is new does not mean you should not hire them, but you want to be confident in their abilities.
  • Is your company fully insured?
  • How much will it cost to pack my items? To move the items? To store the items? To unpack the items? Do you charge a flat rate or do you charge by the hour? If by the hour, how long do you anticipate the move will take, from start to finish? Be sure to get these quotes in writing; ensure that the quote is itemized and clear. If you are unclear about any charges listed, ask for an explanation before accepting the terms.
  • If my items are damaged in the move, will they be replaced or will I be compensated for their value? In some places, removalists are not required to provide such insurance. The law may only require they carry insurance to cover their vehicles. If this is the case with the company you choose, consider purchasing an insurance policy to cover any damage that takes place during the move or while your possessions are in storage.
  • Is your company accredited by the appropriate furniture removers association? Removalists who are accredited by a furniture removers association are highly trained in the use of packing equipment and how to correctly pack items of all shapes and sizes. These removalists also may carry insurance that will protect your possessions during the packing and moving process. There may be an additional charge to insure items that are placed in storage; be sure to get this cost in writing before committing to a contract.
  • Where will you store my items until I am ready to move into my new home? Is there security monitoring at the storage facility? Who has access to the facility? What are the hours I can access my items at the facility?
  • If I am building a home and construction takes longer than expected, what is the weekly/monthly rate to extend the storage of my items? What is the longest amount of time I can store my items at the facility?
  • Do you provide all packing materials? Can I provide my own materials? Ask the company to provide you with the cost of any extra packing materials that may be required on moving day. You do not want any surprises.
  • Can the removalists disassemble furniture? If so, what is the cost? Be very specific when describing these pieces.
  • Can the movers reassemble furniture at my new home? If so, what is the cost for this?
  • I am moving to a smaller home; can you help me donate items I no longer need?
  • How far will your movers travel?
  • Are there any additional costs to consider?

Prior to moving day:

Moving is stressful for everyone, so to make the day go as smoothly as possible - both for you and for the removalists you have hired - you would benefit from providing the movers with as many details as possible. Confirm that the furniture removalists have your correct address, phone number and the start time. Tell the company how many boxes you will need; it is better to ask for more boxes rather than fewer. Provide an extremely thorough list of all items to be moved, taking care to note pieces of furniture that are large, oddly shaped and/or especially heavy. Let them know if parking is available close to the home or apartment building. Tell them how many flights of stairs are located inside the home. If you live in an apartment building, tell them if there is access to an elevator. Lastly, make sure to them know if any furniture is too big to fit through doorways and must be disassembled.

It may seem like a lot of work, but ensuring that you hire the correct furniture removalists will ensure a stress-free move.

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