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The Best 7 Gardening Tips

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , June 13, 2018

For the beginners to start off here are the 7 best gardening tips at to make your garden more fruitful.

One of the great hobbies to adopt is gardening and this hobby rewards you in the form of beautiful flowers or some delicious organic fruits and vegetables, organic and home grown produce is rich in nutrients and sustainable. For the beginners to start off here are the 7 best gardening tips at to make your garden more fruitful.

Create A Setup For Gardening

You do not need to over think about finding a proper place in your backyard, you can even use a simple container. Hence this is the best way to make sure that the soil is fertile. It would be easier for you to take proper care of your plant and continue gardening.

Soil And Drainage

Having good soil and drainage is very important for your container in order to keep your plant in a good and healthy state. You just have to add a layer of rocks at the bottom of your container and the container should have holes at its bottom.

Choose An Appropriate Location For Your Plants

Every plant has its own different needs, some plants are meant to be kept in the shade, others need sun, while some plants need both the shade and sun in order to grow and survive. So we should keep in mind in the specific requirements of our plants. You might be thinking that moving around a plant is not an easy task, so the solution is to keep your plants on a trolley. In this way you it is convenient for you to move it around anywhere you want.

Planting at the right time of the Year

In order to properly grow your plants, you should plant it at the right time of the year. Search for the information either the plants should be planted during the spring or the summer. Secondly, it is also crucial to find the right plant for your zone. Some plants might not grow in your zone so you should check for plant hardness zone map in order to make sure your gardening will be successful.

Easy To Grow Plants For Beginners

Some plants like onions, tomatoes, peppers, bush beans and basils are easy to grow and maintain. While the flowers which are easy to maintain and grow are petunia, roses, sunflowers, foxglove and clematis. You can also take guidance from nearest plant nursery employee.

Watering Plants Properly

Plants need plenty of water in order to grow but avoid giving excess of water to your plants and do not wet the leaves because that can make your plant rotten and will ruin it. Keep your plants in your reach so that it will be comfortable for you to give water, watch out for yellow leaves which will indicate that you are providing too much water to your plant.

Mixing Seeds And Sand

A bit of sand can be merged with small seeds before sowing, this not only prevents them from sown thickly but it is also economical.

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