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The Forecast For eSports As An Industry In 2018 And Beyond

by herbertp343 (writer), , June 05, 2018

Before you get started, let's talk more about what you need to know concerning the world of eSports in 2018.

Your first step when jumping into the world of eSports is to find your game and your niche. You can certainly identify more than one game that you like to play, but the games often require time and dedication. Therefore, you have to be focused if you have the goal of being competitive. Then it will be time to get social, join a team, join a league and step onto the professional stage.

Hold your horses. You don't want to bite off more than you can chew all at once here. In fact, you might even start off by spectating. Even seasoned players enjoy spectating others so that they can learn more about gameplay and what is takes to be successful. It is especially helpful when you are learning a new game. It is also beneficial to spectate games to see if they are up your alley or not.

Once you find a game that you like, you can learn from others who are more advanced. That can help you level up more quickly, and you can determine a plan of action. To be competitive, you're certainly going to need that solid plan of action. Before you get started, let's talk more about what you need to know concerning the world of eSports in 2018.

For example, did you know that more spectators are watching eSports games NFL games? That's right, the combined total of viewers for the world of eSports was millions more last year than it was for the regular season of the NFL. You can attribute this trend to the growing popularity of the eSports world, along with certain individual factors. For example, you have the Twitch platform, which is widely popular in 2018.

It was mentioned important it is for aspiring gamers to be spectators. Twitch is where you can go to be a spectator for sure, and many fans of games flock to see the best players on Twitch. You can live stream the broadcast of any game you are playing, and people can watch and learn. The ease of viewership these days is increasingly making the spectatorship of eSports a growing trend.

It is a money-making business. You're not talking millions, but billions. In fact, the gamers are certainly taking their share. More and more avenues are opening up for professional gamers who enjoy eSports games available in many genres. Twitch and other viewership platforms are just part of the ballgame. There are also popular national and world championship competitions that are held for many of the more popular video games out there.

These games are across multiple platforms. With more games available than ever before, the number of tournaments and championships continues to increase. Some games have held their popularity for years, and others are just getting started. So what are the revenues for the eSports industry like?

In 2018, revenues have already topped a billion. Experts are suggesting that within a few more years, the revenues for the eSports industry are going to top the $2B mark. Let's just be blunt for a moment. Did you know that the Olympics are considering having eSports competitions in the future? That would be an amazing addition to the Olympics, and it would certainly seem right in line with the trends that are being set in the world right now. The eSports industry is huge and growing at a rapid pace.

Have you heard of the Overwatch League? It is especially popular, and it is one of the latest leagues available. Have you started playing any of the eSports games that have their own leagues? what about League of Legends? What about Dota 2 than? What about Hearthstone? There are so many different games to choose from, and the world of eSports is not only luring gamers but investors, too.

If you look at the people behind the scenes, you will see investors coming over from traditional sports venues into the online gaming world. They aren't players, but investors, ones backing ideas for Olympic eSports and the likes. They see the potential and where the market is heading. The know the future generations are fueling this drive and the popularity behind the world of eSports.

What's next in terms of eSports in 2018? Revenue forecasts have already been predicted. A future Olympics debut might be in the cards as mentioned. You can imagine that the latest technologies will further facilitate changes in the coming years. It's amazing how these game developers bridge multiple platforms right now. It is highly unlikely for that to change anytime soon. There will always be new technologies, but the bridges will always be there because they do bridge the gap between different generations.

It's not just about bridging gaps between different generations though. It's about a broader market. With multiple platforms available, there is just a much larger reach. It's that simple, and the game developers and companies like Activision Blizzard know this very well. That is a company that I invest in that is at the forefront of this movement. Activision Blizzard knows the business well and has many big name titles out there on the market.

Video games used to just be a hobby, but they always were competitive. When it was just console games that were available before online gaming, there were even national and worldwide competitions then. The world is much more connected than ever now, and technology has fueled the potential of the eSports market. Now it's time for you to get involved.

Where do you fit in when it comes to the world of eSports? I love playing games, but currently, I am mostly just an investor in the market. I know the top company in the field, and I have known about them for awhile. I have personally played some of their games, and the world of eSports is literally focused in their direction. Find your niche in the world of eSports, and get ready for an adventure that is going to be quite exciting.

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