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A Complete Guide to Cakes- Types and Uses

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , June 01, 2018

Second category cakes consist of cakes, which are of foam, type and rise

Cakes are broadly classified into 2 major categories depending on the ingredients. The first category cakes are the cakes, which are made by the usage of baking soda or any other leaving agent and are made up of butter. The second category cakes consist of cakes, which are of foam, type and rise due to oxidation of air in the beaten eggs.

  • The cakes made up of shortening or butter comes under the first category. These cakes are considered as the classic cakes and can be widely used from birthday celebration to the wedding days. These categories include chocolate cake, yellow cake, white cake, spice cakes and pound cake. This category cakes uses butter or oil to beat the dryness and baking soda or shortening as a leaving agent. These category cakes are actually easy to make by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl at a single time along with the oil or butter and the procedure to mix the whole ingredients at a same time is known a boxing or box mix. But one can not deny the fact that these are the better tasting cakes.

    Some people wants tower cakes for their wedding so the butter tower cakes can be offered to them because they are more rigid and the butter tastes better. In order to make butter based cake best bakeries in Pune make the butter fluffy and creamy before addition of any other ingredient. Beating in these types of cakes is very essential, beat the butter in the bowl for at least 3 minutes, after that, add sugar in the same bowl, beat it for 3 minutes, and then add other ingredients. If the ingredients list is too long then a stand mixer or a whisker can be very helpful.
  • So as to proper mix the butter with other ingredients, keep the butter at room temperature so as to avoid any disturbance.
  • The second category cakes are the most beautiful ones as they look like foam. The mechanism of these cakes is totally different from the first category cakes because these cakes rise due to air trapped in the beating eggs rather than the baking soda or any other leaving agent. These cakes include sponge cake, chiffon cake and angle cake. As people are health conscious and do dieting. So these type of cakes are the best option them because these cakes does not use oil or butter for moistening. One of the best cake for health conscious people are angle cakes because these type of cakes include egg whites rather than egg yolks and exactly fat free.

    Another choice is chiffon cakes but they can never be considered as the foam or sponge cakes because vegetable oil is used in such cakes. Large and layered cakes can not be formed by these types of cakes because these cakes are not firm like the first category cakes. Cupcakes can be made easily with this type of batter and only 2 layered cakes can be made through these cakes. Only one thing should be kept in mind that do not underbeat or overbeat the second category cakes.

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